Shell Eco-marathon 2016

Shell Eco-Marathon: the low-energy challenge

The Shell Eco-marathon is a unique international challenge for students. Teams must design, produce and drive vehicles the farthest distance using the equivalent of one liter of fuel. The record currently stands at 10,017 kilometers. To achieve such results, students must leave nothing to chance: from designing prototypes to the type of energy used and tires. Michelin, partner of the Shell Eco-marathon since 1985 and a key player of sustainable mobility, provided the teams with energy efficiency tires.

European genesis, international expansion

France is the birthplace of the Shell Eco-marathon Europe. The first edition took place there in 1985 with 25 teams from 4 countries taking part on the Paul Ricard track at Le Castellet, in the south of France.  In 2000, the competition moved to the Paul Armagnac track in Nogaro, then from 2009 it was held at Germany’s EuroSpeedway in Lausitz.

The competition has never stopped growing from its humble beginnings to become the huge international draw it is today, with an annual event on three continents: Europe, Americas and Asia.

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