Open innovation

Michelin encompasses over 350 fields of expertise in its Technology Center and continues to develop outside partnerships to open up fresh prospects for innovation.

Michelin has opted for open innovation

Expanding know-how

By developing long-term collaborative arrangements with universities and innovative companies, Michelin expands its know-how, compares viewpoints with other experts, and accelerates its research and development drive. The Company makes a point of presenting projects to customers and the markets as early as possible to identify the best options, apply agile methods and speed up innovation.

Partnerships with automotive manufacturers

enrichir son savoir-faire

Catering to all  wheeled vehicles on the market driving in any and all conditions, Michelin has a unique expertise in tires, suspension systems and vehicle operation, which it makes available to vehicle manufacturers.

By assigning dedicated teams to join their innovation efforts, Michelin develops tire solutions that meet their requirements, no matter how specific they might be. 

The higher the stakes and the technical requirements, the more enduring the partnership. The collaborative arrangements in place with Airbus, Audi, Case New Holland, Caterpillar and Porsche for over 50 years are eloquent examples.

A new tire size: MICHELIN Tall&Narrow

These tires, which were specially developed for the Citroën C3 Hybrid Air and the Peugeot 208 HYbrid FE, make the vehicle more energy efficient, more resistant to aquaplaning, more comfortable and quiet when driving.

Des partenariats au service d’une économie circulairePartnerships for a circular economy

Michelin has signed three partnerships to set up biosourced elastomer supply channels:

  • With Amyris, a manufacturer of renewable fuels and chemicals, Michelin is developing and marketing the renewable isoprene "No Compromise".
  • With Axens and IFPEN, it has forged a research alliance to develop butadiene from biomass. In addition, to supply this project with the alcohol it requires, Michelin has partnered with Tereos in the field of agricultural raw material processing.
  • Lastly, the Group has joined forces with CEA, SDTech and Proteus to develop two innovative avenues for recycling used tires. 

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