Know your customers, look towards the future and be bold

From finding out how tires are used in the various markets to forecasting what mobility will be like 20 years from now, Michelin teams do everything possible to meet and exceed customers' expectations and build a distinctive product and service range.


Innovation means keeping your ear constantly to the market and its expectations. Michelin's strength lies in its ability to anticipate these expectations, bring together the necessary R&D resources and respond promptly with the right solutions.

Terry Gettys, Executive Vice President, Research and Development, and member of the Group Executive Committee

Being at our customers' side

Michelin has a strong technical presence in the field: around 500 field engineers are present in 45 countries to support its various business lines, including:

  • Passenger car tires
  • Truck tires
  • Earthmover tires
  • Aircraft tires

Understanding how tires are used


Field engineers play a vital role in understanding how Michelin customers use tires and what they expect of them. It requires them to:

  • observe the conditions in which tires are used
  • measure the performance of mass-market tires on customer vehicle fleets, or closely monitor new products
  • give customers and sales forces technical advice about how to use tires and tire performances
  • advise dissatisfied customers
  • monitor the markets and market trends

Strategic anticipation

Michelin relies heavily on its ability to anticipate long-term trends in the marketplace and the environment, i.e. 10 years or more into the future. Michelin's Strategic Anticipation Unit, set up in 2012, prepares the Company to address future stakes and set the appropriate changes or disruptions in motion.

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Close to customers’ needs


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