Value-creating innovation

At Michelin, innovation is the creation of new value which is recognized by our customers. It has played and will continue to play a key role in the Group’s growth and performance. Putting innovation at the heart of our strategy is a firm conviction of ours: innovation, whatever its source, is the main driving force of our development, competitiveness and sustainability.


Remain the most innovative company in its sector

Bold advances in technology are the key to Michelin's success and the company intends to remain the most innovative company in its sector. The goal is to innovate better and faster so that it maintains its lead over the competition and delivers solutions that are increasingly effective and competitive, and perfectly suited to the challenges of mobility.

Innovation: what sets Michelin apart

One of the main lines of Michelin's strategy is to use technology and innovation to make its products and services stand out, so that it can consolidate its leadership and meet its customers' needs as effectively as possible.

More than 20 years ago, the Group achieved a major breakthrough that made its tires more energy efficient. Today, it is the global leader in low-energy tires and a trailblazer in the functionality economy, which consists in selling services or the use of a product rather than selling the product itself.

Innovation drivers

Michelin is constantly working to diversify its sources of innovation. Among them, particular effort is paid to:

  • Developing external partnerships with universities, innovative businesses and suppliers
  • The progress and innovation approach which aims at eliciting and gathering 100,000 Progress and Innovation ideas a year.

Innovation is the creation of new, market-recognized value.

Peter Drucker


Training schools for the future


Did you know ?

An innovative company



The 2017 international agricultural machinery show (SIMA) awarded Michelin the gold medal for its latest innovation, the “2-in-1 agricultural tire”.
This “2-in-1” tire protects farmers’ most precious asset: their soil.
Its adaptable tread means it offers outstanding performance both in fields and on the road, enabling farmers to work with tires at a very low pressure.
The tire literally changes to adapt to its environment.