Moving forward together, the trademark of a mutual commitment

Michelin cares deeply about its people's development, self-fulfillment and commitment. Its initiative titled "Moving forward together, the trademark of a mutual commitment" describes what the Company provides for its employees worldwide and what it expects of them.

Mutual commitments in six areas

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Michelin has set out to continually improve staff Career Management, Learning and Development, and  Management Quality. The goal is for these assets to be experienced everywhere as Group strengths. In the areas of Compensation and Benefits, Job Design and the Quality of Work Life, Michelin wants to be - and remain - competitive.

Career Management

With support and guidance from their line manager and career manager, employees map out their own career path. This individualized, hands-on management is Michelin's way of supporting employee development throughout their career.

Learning  and Development

From the induction course to the continuous training plan, learning is an organized initiative at each step of the career path.

Management Quality

The role of each manager is to foster a close, trusting relationship that empowers and develops everyone involved.

Job Design

Clear deliverables are defined for each position. The Company makes a point of offering employees positions that encourage continuous improvement in serving its customers. Michelin builds the autonomy of people and teams across the board.

Quality of Work life

The Company creates working conditions that will bring out the best of each employee's talent, and takes concrete steps to meet the specific needs of each country. This includes remotely working, employee life services, physical fitness programs, medical prevention and safety programs, etc.

Compensation and Benefits

Compensation management is fair, based on level of responsibility exercised and personal performance.

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