Working towards sustainable mobility

Sustainable mobility is at the core of Michelin’s strategy and partnerships

The Group is at the vanguard of responsible and sustainable mobility, drawing on its technological leadership, its capacity for innovation, its teams’ passion, and its powerful All-Sustainable approach to drive progress in mobility.


Michelin is also a trusted partner recognized in international forums, committed to meeting the challenges of a safer, more accessible, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly mobility.


Michelin’s commitment to developing new, more sustainable forms of mobility is also reflected in all the products, services, and solutions we offer to our customers.

Since 1889, Michelin has been innovating to make the mobility of people and goods safer, more accessible, more efficient and more respectful of the environment.
Nicolas Beaumont
Senior Vice President Sustainable Development and Mobility
Sustainable Mobility

Stakes and challenges

Safer mobility

The MICHELIN brand is your assurance that your tires remain efficient and safe despite the kilometers covered.  

Because road accidents are responsible for 1.35 million fatalities every year, Michelin is also involved in numerous international partnerships formed to promote safe mobility. 


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More accessible mobility

Because Michelin believes that mobility is essential for human development, we are innovating passionately to make it safer and more respectful of the environment all around the world. 

The Group sets its strategy within a broader vision and is committed to bring the unique Michelin mobility experience to both its business and retail customers.  

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More efficient mobility

The Group’s expertise is evidenced by the performance of its products, services, and solutions for more efficient mobility. 

Michelin is focusing its efforts on durability, energy efficiency and connected solutions. 

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Making mobility more respectful of the environment

It is Michelin’s ambition to help reduce mobility’s environmental footprint in terms of greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. 

The expertise Michelin has acquired in sustainable and high-tech materials is key to the Group’s environmental commitments. In 2050, 100% of the materials used by the Group will be sustainable.  

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Global Sustainable Mobility Player

Michelin partnered with the French presidency of the COP 21 and has since established an effective dialogue with the main global public stakeholders and marked the private sector’s involvement in major initiatives.  

The Group relies on the Movin’On ecosystem to contribute to international public debate and translate goals into action for sustainable mobility.  

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100% sustainable tires

Michelin is committed to making our tires 100% sustainable by 2050. This is an ambitious but realistic target for the Group, a leader in sustainable mobility.

The Movin’On Summit is reinventing itself

From June 1st to June 4th : 4 days of live events from Montreal, Paris and Singapore.

Michelin: a new member of the Hydrogen Council Steering Committee

Michelin joins the Hydrogen Council Steering Group. The goal: to encourage the acceleration of hydrogen mobility solutions to overcome the major challenges of climate change.

Michelin and the United Nations Road Safety Fund

Michelin supports the United Nations Road Safety Fund (UNRSF*), created in 2018. In the newsletter published today by the UNRSF, Florent Menegaux discusses the challenges of safer mobility around the world.

How is it possible to meet the challenge of safer mobility?

  « Mobilising young people around road safety» : a major issue to meet the challenge of safer mobility, according to Florent Menegaux, CEO Michelin Group. Comments from Florent Menegaux, as member of the  « FIA High Level Panel for Road Safety*. »  Why involving youth is a priority for Michelin when it comes...

Michelin and the FIA team up for safer mobility

Michelin and the FIA Road Safety Action have been working together on road safety awareness-raising and education programs serving millions of people worldwide since 2013.

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