The current Michelin Man on the road in 1920

Performances made to last

Michelin is committed to bringing its customers - individuals and professionals alike - tires that stay safe and high-performing, no matter how many kilometers they have driven.

Motorsport: a proving ground for Michelin’s sustainable-mobility goals

From MotoGP™ and the Moto-E™ World Cup to FIA Formula E, Mission H24, the Le Mans 24 Hours and endurance racing, Michelin’s commitment to top-flight motorsport plays an active role in its quest for increasingly sustainable mobility. Welcome to the brand’s Hi-Tech Lab!

The Movin’On ecosystem

Michelin's commitment to sustainable development and mobility is embodied by Movin'On, an ecosystem that includes a laboratory and a global summit.
logo PPMC Paris Process on Mobility and Climate

The Paris Process on Mobility and Climate

In 2018, Michelin continued and intensified its commitment to sustainable mobility at the international level, particularly in the Paris Process on Mobility and Climate (PPMC), the coalition of non-state actors in transport established at COP 21.
A bicycle at a stop in front of the Transport Decarbonation Alliance site

Transport Decarbonization Alliance

Transportation currently generates close to a quarter of energy-related CO2 emissions and 15 to 17 percent of all emissions linked to human activity. And if nothing changes, those emissions could double by 2050. That means cooperation between state and non-state actors is essential.


Hydrogen-powered fuel cells can unleash the mass-market potential of electric vehicles by increasing their range. Michelin has been supporting this technology, which is now mature, since its earliest phases.
Bibendum preventing a car from going off the road

Safe Mobility

Michelin is fully committed to road accident prevention efforts. That’s why the Group raises awareness of best practices in road safety among policymakers and populations.
A tire on a wet road

Sustainable products and services

Michelin’s commitment to developing new, more sustainable forms of mobility is embodied by all the products and services it offers its customers.

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