Non-financial performance

The Universal Registration Document (URD) contains all the financial and legal information required by French law and European regulations, including employee, societal and environmental information. It also includes the main information in terms of corporate social reponsability expected by the several stakeholers. Therefore t includes:

  • The Sustainable Development and mobility report
  • The Non-Financial Statement (former « Grenelle 2 Statement »)
  • The Duty of Care Plan

Sustainable development and mobility report


The Michelin Sustainable Development and Mobility (SDM) report  (4.1, page 131),

is published within the chapter « Non-Financial Performance Statement » of the URD. It provides  provides the group CSR governance, our major issues and targets, the main policies implemented and actions taken,  as  wall as our results.

The report is organized under the 3 SDM governances and committee : Ethics and Compliance; Human Rights; Employee Health and Safety; Environment.

This report has been prepared in accordance with the GRI Standards: Core option.

Non-Financial Statement


In order to avoid repetitions and overlaps with the Sustainable Development and mobility report, and to ease the certification process, the group Non-Financial Statement has been prepared in the form of a concordance table (4.2, page 195), referring more back to the issues addressed in the Sustainable Development and Mobility Report.

For the thirteenth consecutive year, Michelin’s CSR data were reviewed by PricewaterhouseCoopers, the Statutory Auditors designated as an independent third party. In 2019, for the second time, their review was conducted in accordance with the enabling decree of August 9, 2017, which defines guidelines for independent third parties in performing their review of the Non-Financial Performance Statement. Following the review, PricewaterhouseCoopers issued a report attesting to the presence and fairness of the required information.

Accurate, verifiable data

For the 12th year running, PwC has been given the task of verifying the Group's CSR information. In 2017, for the fifth consecutive year, this was done under the regulatory framework defined by the decree of May 13, 2013, in application of the "Grenelle 2" Act, which defines how independent third parties are to perform their verification. A statement certifying the reality and truthfulness of the information published is issued by PwC, the statutory auditor selected as an independent third-party by Michelin.

Duty of Care Plan


For the third year in a row, Michelin has prepared a Duty of Care Plan in compliance with Act 2017-399 of March 27, 2017. It describes all of the risks incurred by the Group and its main subcontractors as regards the environment, health & safety and human rights, along with the measures taken to prevent and mitigate them.

This year, to avoid repetitions and overlaps, the Duty of Care Plan has been prepared in the form of a concordance table in the URD (pages 204-205) referring more broadly back to the issues addressed in the Sustainable Development and Mobility Report.

In order to ease the reading of the 2019 Duty of Care Plan, a comprehensive, fully written, stand-alone Duty of Care Plan has been written and can be found hereunder.

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