The Annual and Sustainable Development Report

The Annual and Sustainable Development Report provides an overview of the Group's strategy, main events and results for the year, as well as a clear summary of its objectives, action plans and achievements.

Reference document

Non-Financial Performance


The Registration Document contains all the financial and legal information required by French law and European regulations, including employee, societal and environmental information. The non-financial performance report (formerly Grenelle 2) combines all the employee, societal and environmental data from the past year in Section 6 "Employee Information (6.2), Societal Information (6.3) and Environmental Information (6.4)" of the Registration Document.


Duty of Care Plan


The Duty of Care Plan, which is included in Chapter 6 of the Registration Document, reviews all of the environmental, health/safety, and human rights risks facing the Group and its main subcontractors, as required by French law No. 2017-399 of March 27, 2017, on the Duty of Care.

Accurate, verifiable data

For the 12th year running, PwC has been given the task of verifying the Group's CSR information. In 2017, for the fifth consecutive year, this was done under the regulatory framework defined by the decree of May 13, 2013, in application of the "Grenelle 2" Act, which defines how independent third parties are to perform their verification. A statement certifying the reality and truthfulness of the information published is issued by PwC, the statutory auditor selected as an independent third-party by Michelin.

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