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    + than 5000 recruitments  

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    83% d'engagement*   *selon l’étude annuelle « Avancer Ensemble, votre avis pour agir ».


Our growth and value creation model



Innovate to widen our lead in product and service performance

  • 9.9% improvement of the overal performance of our products compared with 2010, while using less raw material in their production
  • 2.9 billions liters of fuel saved over the lifespan of our tires, representing eight million tonnes of CO2 avoided*
    *Measured by the improvement in the rolling resistance of car, van and truck tires sold in the year in question
  • 26% renewable or recycled materials in making our tires
  • 44% of Low carbon products revenus*
    *The % revenue from low carbon products represents the ratio between the value of 2018 worldwide sales of truck, passenger car and light truck tires segments, categorized as A, B, or C in rolling resistance according to the EU tire labeling regulation over the total value of 2018 sales of “Automotive and related distribution” and “Road transportation and related distribution” segments.

Set the industry standard for responsible manufacturing

  • -10.3% emissions across the supply chain by 10% compared with 2010
  • -51.2% environmental impact of our plants by 50%, notably by improving our energy efficiency by 31,5% in relation to 2005

Evolution of SCOPE 1 and SCOPE 2 CO des SCOPES 1 et 2 (4) (MARKET-BASED)

3 millions of tons of CO in 2019


(4) * 2010 SCOPE 2 emissions were recalculated following the change in method in 2015 (see Universal Registration Document section b)
Reducing the environmental footprint of the production plants/Recalculation of 2010 emissions based on differentiated emission factors for purchased steam)..

Inventory of SCOPE 3 CO₂ Emissions by category 

166 millions of tons of CO in 2019


Employee development, health, safety and quality of worklife


  • 1.4 TCIR* ; Workplace safety improvement
    *Number of accidents and cases of occupational illness recorded per 200,000 hours worked
  • 16.8 millions € capital budget dedicated to ergonomic issues in 2019
  • 74% management positions held by employees promoted or transferred from within
  • 4.6 millions hours of training
2,1 2017
1,9 2018
1,4 2019


Diversities and Inclusion


  • 27.4% women in extended management (18,6% women in the whole group)
  • 75% local top managers in growth-region countries
  • 7.2% employees with disabilities, in France in 2018
24,2% 2015
24,8% 2016
25,7% 2017
26,9% 2018
27,4% 2019

Women in management and supervisory roles

Responsible purchasing

  • 715 mains suppliers assessed on their CSR perfomance by Ecovadis
  • 81% suppliers found to be in compliance with Group standards for fair working conditions
  • Since 2017, the group deployes the Rubberway® mobile application, to map the CSR practices of the various stakeholders in our natural rubber supply chain

Employee and corporate engagement in local communities

  • 32,850 work days a year dedicated to local community engagement activities by Michelin employees
  • 1,702 local jobs creations with the support of Michelin Development en 2019, totaling more than 38 000 jobs in France, Spain, Italy, United-Kingdom, Canada and United-States for the last 29 years.
  • 20.4 Millions € allocated in 2019 by the Michelin Foundation to 124 projects
  • 330,000 people reached throught our global partnership and local programs on Safe mobility deployed by Michelin with its employees and Foundation


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