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United Nations sustainable development goals

Michelin measures its actions against the United Nations sustainable development goals to better meet stakeholders’ rising expectations and to help it better assess the challenges that lie ahead.
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Our environmental and social indicators

In 2005, Michelin defined its main environmental indicator: the Michelin Environmental Footprint, which covers the six most relevant environmental issues for the medium term.
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Our publications

Michelin provides clear, appropriate, complete and transparent information. Every year, the Group releases several publications that serve two purposes: providing accurate information to stakeholders (investors, customers, suppliers, NGOs, etc.) and meeting regulatory obligations, particularly at the European level.

Evaluation and recognition

Michelin is listed on the main socially responsible investment indices and SRI benchmarks. The Group, which has been assessed on its environmental, societal and governance performance by non-financial ratings agencies since 2003, is now widely recognized for its environmental investments.

Michelin is engaged with the Tire Industry Project to promote sustainable mobility

We are committed to make mobility cleaner, safer, more affordable, and more efficient, for all. This commitment is rooted in our purpose: “We care about giving people a better way forward”.
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Lobbying and public affairs

NGOs, governments, and society: The Michelin Group goes beyond its own interests to dialogue, act, interact with society, and provide leadership on public interest issues everywhere it operates.

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