The Executive Board’s Sustainable Development and Mobility sessions

The Group Executive Board, the Purchasing Director and the Legal Affairs Director meet twice a year for sessions dedicated to sustainable development and mobility. 


During these sessions, which are led by the Sustainable Development Director, they check progress on the 2020 Ambitions and approve the strategic guidelines developed by the Environment, Ethics, Human Rights and Sustainable Mobility Committees.

The Sustainable Development and Mobility Network

The Sustainable Development and Mobility network is made up of the Sustainable Development and Mobility contacts from the main regions worldwide. It is responsible for ongoing local promotion of sustainable development, reports on implementation of the objectives defined by the strategic committees, and coordination of local initiatives.


Progress on these action plans and their results is constantly assessed.

Committed employees

Employee awareness-raising and involvement initiatives ensure each employee promotes sustainable development within the company. Employees are encouraged to share their ideas for advancing sustainable development in their workplaces.

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    9is the number of independent members, including four women, who make up the Supervisory Board, which ensures the permanent control of Michelin's management.

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