Our Sustainable Development and Mobility Philosophy

Since 1998, the Michelin Challenge Bibendum (now Movin'On by Michelin) has earned Michelin a reputation as a facilitator and trusted third party among both public and private mobility players.


The Group’s approach to sustainable development was launched in 2002, under the leadership of Édouard Michelin and René Zingraff. An initial assessment showed that to live up to its values, the Group needed to define specific areas for progress.


The 12 areas for action:

  1. The responsible performance of our products and services
  2. The environmental impact of tire use
  3. Recycling and elimination of used tires that cannot be reused
  4. Environmental management of our sites
  5. Quality of life at work on our sites
  6. Diversity on our teams
  7. Our relationships with communities
  8. Corporate risk management
  9. Our contribution to sustainable mobility
  10. Relationships with purchasing
  11. CO2 emissions from Logistics
  12. Ethics and human rights

Taking on the new challenges of mobility

In 2013, the program was re-energized by the definition of our six Sustainable Development Ambitions for 2020, which were rolled out Group-wide. The goal is now to put sustainable development in all its complexity at the heart of Michelin’s strategy.


As the industry’s technological leader, the entire Group is involved in tackling the new challenges of mobility. Michelin strives to responsibly advance mobility and anticipate major changes in the field by innovating and developing new skills and organizations.

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