Contribute to society
by contributing to the regions’vitality
and encouraging employee involvement

Michelin firmly believes that the Company can bring together a wide diversity of stakeholders from the public and private-sectors to meet common economic, social, societal, and environmental challenges. 

Dialog with civil society

Today NGOs have become key stakeholders that challenges the Group.  

Internationally and since April 2015, the Group has been working with WWF to develop sustainable natural rubber in several regions of the world. Michelin also has a regular dialog with other NGOs including Oxfam, Greenpeace, the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), Human Rights Watch, etc. It also maintains very close ties with NGOs involved in transportation, road safety and sustainable mobility, such as Transport & Environment in Europe. Locally, Michelin teams work with hundreds of NGOs on day-to-day issues ranging from road safety to cultural events. 

The civic role of a company open to the community


Training in the manufacturing industry

Michelin is investing in training with Hall 32, an unprecedented, multi-partner scheme for jobs in manufacturing, located in Clermont-Ferrand (France). 

The HALL 32 manufacturing job training center is the outcome of a project launched in 2016, with the backing of major stakeholders* in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region and the Académie de Clermont-Ferrand. 

The purpose of this center is to gain a better understanding of the stakes associated with jobs in manufacturing, their attractiveness, recruitment, and training. All of the innovative, concrete initiatives are gathered in a single venue to provide resources that are perfectly suited to the manufacturing industry, a constantly evolving sector that creates jobs. 

Its primary purpose is to raise awareness of these jobs, their requirements, and the opportunities they offer. Its goal is also to attract talents and enable them to acquire the necessary skills by aligning the training offering on companies' requirements. 


Partners of 2arami, the association behind the Hall 32 project and whose members include: Banque de France, Limagrain, Michelin, Opcalia, the Rectorat de l’Académie de Clermont-Ferrand (the local education authority), ViaMécathe Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes regional authority and the Secrétariat général pour l’investissement (a government body supporting innovation) 

Engaging with local communities

Michelin employees contribute to local community life by volunteering their skills to small businesses in the local economic fabric, tutoring students and young professionals, or developing health, sports and educational activities. 

The Michelin Volunteering Program, the new name for Engagement in Local Communities, contributes to the development of people within the Group. This initiative helps employee engagement in a very practical way. 

By enabling all of its employees to contribute to initiatives that benefit local communities, Michelin is fully exercising its Corporate Social Responsibility.


By 2030, Michelin Volunteering has set three major objectives:

• 100% of the Group's sites are involved in volunteer initiatives
• each site has at least doubled the percentage of its employees involved in volunteer initiatives since 2020
• 20% of the Group's employees participate in volunteer actions

Donation or material collections involving employees (as collectors or donors) also fall within the scope of Michelin Volunteering, including clothing, toy and office supply collections, individual donations, blood donations and participation in food bank initiatives.


Michelin's involvement in its local community makes the Group a more attractive employer in its local labor pool. It also gives employees an opportunity to develop skills in areas other than their regular jobs. Because they are aligned with specific local needs wherever the Group is present, community engagement initiatives vary widely. Here are some examples: 

Some examples of Michelin Volunteering initiatives in our Regions

Russia - Davydovo

Waste collection and recycling
Michelin plays an important social role for the communities of Davydovo and Orekhovo-Zuyevo where the Group is located. On the occasion of World Cleanup Day, 20 employees took part in an environmental campaign and collected waste on the shoreline of the lake located near the Michelin plant. More than 80 bags of waste were collected and recycled.

Japan - Ota

Conversion of food loss to grain
Michelin is raising employee awareness of food waste through a digital display in the canteen at the Ota plant. 5 employees have been involved in converting food waste into grain. To donate it to local organizations that help people who have difficulty feeding their children. In 4 months, 144 kg of cereals have been distributed.

Inde - Chennai

Donation for the inclusion of children with disabilities
The Group supports the inclusion of disabled people in local life through a donation to Vidya Sagar. This organization enables parents of children with neurological disabilities to keep their children at home and support their integration into the community.

United-States - Greenville

School cleanup
The Challenge Education Program provides mentoring, tutoring and other support to schools in local communities where Michelin operates in the US. An elementary school in Greenville is a partner in the Michelin Community Relations Challenge Education Program. Employees and their families have also participated in school cleanup activities.

Generally speaking, and in line with the Group's businesses, programs to encourage safe mobility are a major area of involvement at local level, particularly when they address children and youth 

  • November 19 2020

Michelin and the FIA team up for safer mobility

  • Key figures

    3,000 employees engaged with local communities in 2021, or 2.5%

    Target: 20% of employees by 2030.

  • Key figures

    3.3 M€ in donations to local communities, of which 10% for the fight against COVID-19

"Michelin Développement"

  • Key figures

    + 40,000 jobs have already been created, since Michelin Développement's inception in 1990

  • Key figures

    29,000 jobs  Michelin Développement has helped to create in France

Fostering job creation  

Michelin is committed to supporting or contributing to job creation in its plants' host communities through Michelin Développement. 

 Michelin Développement is a one-of-a-kind initiative to provide expertise and technical support to local businesses. 

This support can be backed by funding in the form of subsidies and five-year, low-interest, collateral-free loans.  

Michelin also helps to revitalize areas affected by economic change in order to promote the emergence of new activities and support job creation. 


Corporate Fondation

Logo of the Michelin Corporate Foundation

Created in January 2014 for "People on the move", the Michelin Corporate Foundation pursues the Group's community engagement and echoes its values of respect and solidarity. To do so, it supports high-quality, innovative projects that are consistent with the Group's businesses and close to its employees and sites around the world. 

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