Ambitions and Commitments
People are at the core
of the Group's performance

True to its values, Michelin acts responsibly regarding its teams and civil society. Wherever it operates, the Group is involved on a local level, fulfilling its responsibilities to contribute positively to neighboring communities.
In 2021, the Group reaffirmed its commitment to balanced growth between "People, Profit and Planet1" and has set ambitious goals for 2030 as part of its "Michelin in Motion" strategic plan.

1 Human, economic, and environnemental challenges


Ambitions for 2030

Be world-class in employee engagement
Aiming for an engagement rate1 >85% in 2030

80% in 2019
82% in 2020
in 2021
83% in 2022



Be world-class in employee safety
Aiming for an accident rate2 <0.5 in 2030
1.43 in 2019
1.19 in 2020
in 2021
1.07 in 2022



Be a reference in diversities and inclusion of teams

Aiming  for an IMDI3 of 80/100 in 2030

62 in 2020
in 2021
70 in 2022



Be best-in-class in value created for customers

With a NPS4 +10 pts for partners in 2030

38 in 2019
40.5 in 2020
in 2021
41.6 in 2022

1 Employee engagement rate as measured by the annual “Moving Forward Together: Your Voice for Action” survey 

2 Total Case Incident Rate: the number of accidents and cases of occupational illness recorded per 200,000 hours worked 

3 IMDI: Diversity and Inclusion Management Index 

4 Net Promoter Score: the net difference between a brand’s promoters and detractors 


Fostering employee development and commitment

Since 2013, through the annual "Moving Forward Together" survey, Michelin has enabled all Group employees to express their opinions about their experience at work.


A genuine barometer of employee engagement, this survey reflects their perception of changes, initiatives, processes, and policies within the team, the country, and the Group.


It covers areas such as corporate vision, communication, operational excellence, accountability, quality of work life, career, and development, etc.


The results of the survey help Michelin to move forward; they identify strengths and areas for improvement in order to determine the actions to be taken at all levels of the organization.

Protecting the health and safety of our employees, an absolute priority for the Group

In line with the Group's fundamental value of respect for people, Michelin deploys an active global health, safety, and quality of work life policy that is consistent with its Sustainable Development and Mobility ambitions for 2030 and 2050.

The Group thus affirms its desire for everyone who works for the Group to do so in healthy and safe conditions. This concern includes the well-being - both physical and psychological - of employees, the quality of the work environment, and respect for a balance between professional and private life.


Since 2016, Michelin has been deploying a workplace safety program at all of the Group's sites: to date, 71,000 employees have joined one of the "safety leadership coalitions" at 50 industrial sites.


They take action to protect their health and safety and that of their colleagues by undertaking initiatives tailored to their work environment.


Become a benchmark for employee diversity and inclusion

At Michelin, we believe that each person is unique and contributes to the Group's diversity. Becoming a benchmark industrial group in terms of diversity inclusion is one of the Group's ambitions as part of its "All Sustainable" approach. To achieve this, the Group has set ambitious objectives in five areas.


Identity: Enable every person to be who they really are and to grow within the company while remaining themselves.


Gender balance: Achieve parity among Group executives, and, by 2030, set the gender balance benchmark in our industry.


Multi-national management: at headquarters and in all our host countries, in line with the geographical footprint of the Company’s activities.


Disability: Michelin offers career paths tailored to the disability concerned, in line with its talent development policy.


Equal opportunity: every employee can develop his/her talents within the company, regardless of his/her entry position. Michelin pays particular attention to the internal promotion of manufacturing operators.

Set the standard for employee diversity
and Inclusion through 5 dimensions

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