Each week, the barometer will record the number of open Michelin-starred restaurants across all selections for the 32 destinations in which the Guide is established. The integration of establishments is based on a specific criterion as restaurants must demonstrate that they are open at least three days per week to be included.

The tool is designed to provide the food service, and wider, tourism sectors with a global, real-time overview of the evolving rate at which Michelin-starred restaurants across the world are reopening.

With its strong international presence, the MICHELIN Guide is calling on the support of its specialists in the field to update the tool. Guide inspectors are leveraging all their local gastronomic expertise and knowledge to gather information. Depending on the health situation in each country, restaurant data will be collected either in the field, by phone or through digital research.

By creating this barometer, we want to take the pulse of global gastronomy in order to inform and build awareness of our ecosystem. Just +21% of the 3,000 starred restaurants around the world are currently open. We hope that this evidence will highlight a sector that radiates economically far beyond the doors of restaurants," comments Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of the MICHELIN Guides.

Looking to actively support the world of gastronomy during this period of crisis, the MICHELIN Guide will make the results of its barometer available on its website: www.guide.michelin.com

The MICHELIN Guide was developed with a constant desire to promote regions and respect local know-how while highlighting the work of passionate men and women. Today, the Guide continues its mission and reveals to the world the first stage of a global project: to distinguish, through a single emblem, those chefs committed to preserving the environment.


Offered to the Bib Gourmands, Plates and Stars, this first selection of chefs unite around the same subject, ideas and methods that contribute to our awareness. For years in Germany, many chefs have developed their cuisine to nature’s rhythm, where the desire to use their creativity to transform perfectly ripened products, grown close to their brigades, is just as important as the care taken to reduce the overall environmental footprint of their establishment.


The sustainable initiatives of the first chefs identified will be detailed and highlighted on the various platforms of the MICHELIN Guide throughout the year through the creation of various content.


The 57th edition of MICHELIN Guide Germany features 524 hotels and 1,579 restaurants, including:

  • 308 starred restaurants including:
    • 10 three-star restaurants, one of which is new;
    • 43 two-star restaurants, seven of which are new;
    • 255 one-star restaurants, 29 of which are new;
  • 372 "Bib Gourmand" restaurants, 23 of which are new.


The selection is available free of charge on the new MICHELIN Guide website guide.michelin.com. The print version of the MICHELIN Guide Germany 2020 will be available in bookstores from March 6 for €29.95 (€30.80 in Austria, 39 francs in Switzerland).

The MICHELIN Guide Malta 2020 is out today and features 26 restaurants spread across the islands of Malta and Gozo. Three restaurants have been awarded MICHELIN stars in this first edition: De Mondion in historic Mdina, and Noni and Under Grain in the capital city of Valletta.


From the fishing village of Marsaxlokk in the south, to Xagħra on Gozo in the north, our team of fully independent and anonymous inspectors has sought out restaurants – in all styles and price bands – that showcase the best of the islands’ cooking.


With 6 new two-star restaurants and 12 new one-star establishments, the MICHELIN Guide Switzerland 2020 is launched today, and this brings the total of restaurants in the country that have now been awarded one or more MICHELIN stars to 122.


Switzerland is once again confirmed as a paradise for gourmets. And for the first time, the Michelin Star Revelation ceremony lands in Ticino, where the city of Lugano welcomed over 400 guests.


The MICHELIN Guide Switzerland 2020 will be available from 27 February at a price of 39 Swiss francs (29.95 euros in Germany and 30.80 euros in Austria). This latest edition recommends a total of 632 restaurants and 215 hotels, and the dining establishments recommended by the MICHELIN Guide ranges from country inns to gourmet restaurants.


The MICHELIN Guide Switzerland 2020 in figures:

  • 3 three-star restaurants
  • 22 two-star restaurants, including 6 new additions
  • 97 one-star restaurants, including 12 new additions
  • 143 Bib Gourmand restaurants, including 15 new additions

Michelin has been voted “Tire Manufacture of the Year” for the second consecutive year

Michelin kicks off 2020 with a bang at the Tire Technology Expo in Hanover for the second year in a row by receiving the prestigious title of Tire Manufacturer of the Year, a first since the award was created in 2008.

Awarded by a panel of industry experts, bringing together professionals from tire manufacturers, car manufacturers, universities and industrial researchers, the Manufacturer of the Year Award recognizes the work of Michelin's teams, making it possible to offer ever more accessible, efficient, innovative and sustainable products and services.

Michelin continues to successfully meet these four challenges simultaneously by designing tires that offer ever higher levels of safety, both when they are new, and after several years and thousands of kilometers of use.

This award recognizes Michelin's progress in terms of performance over the life of its products, and the Group's conviction of the need to test tires in used condition; a conviction now shared by the industry and the European legislator who will make these tests compulsory in 2024.

With the Tire Technology Innovation Award, Uptis continues its harvest of awards

In continuation of the many prestigious prizes awarded in 2019, Uptis, the ‘airless’ tire developed by Michelin, receives the Tire Technology 2020 Innovation Award.

Since the Uptis prototype was revealed in 2019, it has been rewarded once again for its exceptional technological advances. Eliminating any risk of punctures, Uptis offers considerable advantages which will make it possible to offer greater peace of mind to motorists during their car journeys. In addition it will give fleet managers and professionals the opportunity to optimize the productivity of their business, and considerable savings can be made in terms of materials, which will therefore reduce waste for the benefit of sustainable mobility.

Speaking about the awards, Florent Menegaux, CEO of the Michelin Group, said: “It is a great honor for us to receive the Tire Manufacturer of the Year Award for the second year in a row, a first in the history of these award. Combined with the Innovation Award for Uptis, these two prestigious titles reward the Group's strategic directions. This is obviously a source of immense pride for us all at Michelin, but also a clear demonstration of the relevance of the action plans we have made, both in terms of innovation and sustainable mobility.”


Michelin, the leading mobility company, is dedicated to enhancing its clients’ mobility, sustainably; designing and distributing the most suitable tires, services and solutions for its clients’ needs; providing digital services, maps and guides to help enrich trips and travels and make them unique experiences; and developing high-technology materials that serve a variety of industries. Headquartered in Clermont-Ferrand, France, Michelin is present in 170 countries, has more than 127,000 employees and operates 69 tire production facilities which together produced around 200 million tires in 2019.

Sustainable mobility sector leader Michelin and AS 24 – a subsidiary of Total, Europe’s number one network of dedicated service stations for Heavy Trucks Vehicles, with 986 outlets in 28 countries – have joined forces to launch and experiment Fleet Diag 24, a new diagnostic offer designed to inspect truck tyres automatically at AS 24 service stations fitted with the device*.


Marketed by AS 24, the service is conceived to facilitate and optimise tyre maintenance thanks to the automated inspection of pressures and wear to be sure that tyres function at their best – with no intervention required from either the driver or fleet service manager – in the interest of road safety and natural resource savings.


The chief benefits of Fleet Diag 24 are :

  • Safety and peace of mind,
  • Compliance with legislation,
  • Optimised tyre servicing,
  • Enhanced fuel efficiency.


An integral feature of Fleet Diag 24 is MICHELIN QuickScan, an efficient, easy-to-use, all-weather system designed to promote longer tyre life. Designed exclusively by Michelin to cover all types of rig (trucks, tractor units, trailers), irrespective of tyre brand, its development led to the filing of more than 15 patents.



*Available from March 2020 in three stations in France

Following its presentation last autumn, the MICHELIN POWER range of bicycle tyres is now available for sale*.

1. MICHELIN Power Road

  • Outstanding grip on wet roads for superior safety,
  • Tread and sidewall strength for extra-long life,
  • Energy efficiency for performance.


Two versions are available: Tube Type and Tubeless Ready.

2. MICHELIN Power Competition Tubular & MICHELIN Power Time Trial

Designed for competition use, the MICHELIN POWER COMPETITION TUBULAR meets the expectations of even the most exacting cyclists thanks to its combination of energy efficiency, grip and strength.

It was raced in extreme conditions throughout the 2018 and 2019 professional road bicycle racing seasons by Cofidis Solutions Crédits, harvesting numerous victories and podium finishes.


New for 2020, the MICHELIN POWER TIME TRIAL targets demanding competitors who are looking for a lightweight tyre that gives them a speed boost when competing in races, time trials, triathlons or ultra distance events.

This new addition to the MICHELIN POWER range is the lightest and fastest of all MICHELIN’s premium road bicycle tyres. road bicycle tyres.

3. MICHELIN Power All Season

significant proportion of Michelin’s innovation work involves selecting the most appropriate high-tech materials for all the constituent parts of its tyres.

It is this approach that is behind the outstanding grip in wet weather delivered by the

MICHELIN POWER ALL SEASON line which provides superior safety on dirty, slippery roads.

4. MICHELIN Power Cyclocross Mud & MICHELIN Power Cyclocross Jet

The instantly-recognisable green MICHELIN POWER CYCLOCROSS line is designed for cyclists who are looking for grip and efficiency. To achieve this, Michelin drew inspiration from one of the best compounds to have emerged in recent years, the colour of which is synonymous with high performance and victory.

The tread pattern of the MICHELIN POWER CYCLOCROSS JET is carried over from that used for the MICHELIN JET XCR ranges to combine energy efficiency and superior grip on hard, dry ground.

The MICHELIN POWER CYCLOCROSS MUD places the emphasis on traction and grip in wet conditions and/or on soft ground. The design of its new tread pattern comprises widely-spaced tread blocks for precise cornering, even in mud.

The MICHELIN POWER CYCLOCROSS range comes in a choice of two versions: Tubeless Ready and Tubular.

5. MICHELIN Power Gravel

MICHELIN POWER GRAVEL line delivers outstanding grip, efficiency and strength on sealed and loose surfaces alike. A Tubeless Ready tyre, it combines efficient sealing with protection against punctures.


(*) Tubeless Ready version of the MICHELIN POWER ROAD available for sale in March 2020

 In addition to the star selection, this year is also marked by the Guide's desire to shine the spotlight on chefs who are embracing more sustainable gastronomy, by highlighting their initiatives and facilitating their identification through the creation of a new pictogram.


The MICHELIN Guide is a megaphone and its mission is to make the most talented chefs visible to the general public. Plate, Bib Gourmand or Star, the 3,435 restaurants included in the MICHELIN Guide France 2020 are run by chefs with undeniable know-how. For a long time, Michelin’s inspectors were only able to share some of the information captured and verified during their table tests. Today, the Guide continues its mission and is helping promote the chefs who have taken responsibility by preserving resources and embracing biodiversity, reducing food waste and reducing the consumption of non-renewable energy.


This year, the MICHELIN Guide presents the first Michelin pictogram which highlights chefs committed to preserving the environment. Available to chefs whose establishment is awarded a Plate, Bib Gourmand, 1, 2 or 3 stars, this symbol completes these distinctions and highlights their courage and ingenuity in the daily practice of their profession, and therefore allows diners to better identify the restaurants which suit their needs.


The sustainable initiatives of the first chefs with this distinction will be detailed and highlighted on the various platforms of the MICHELIN Guide throughout the year, through the creation of various content.

The ambition of our approach is to amplify the scope of the good and ingenious practices of chefs by putting them in the spotlight. The ideas, methods and know-how developed by these chefs will thus help raise awareness of an entire sector to its customers and the general population.
Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of MICHELIN Guides

“Cirrus represents the pinnacle in technological leadership in the world of aeronautical mobility,” said Robert Sevener, Michelin global lead, general aviation tires. “Being selected as the tire of choice for Cirrus Aircraft is a proud achievement for the Group.”

The MICHELIN® PILOT® is a top-of-the-line, ultra-high-performance bias tire for piston and turboprop aircraft, designed to provide extra-long tire life, exceptional tread life and all-weather protection. The MICHELIN® PILOT® tire is crafted with highly durable rubber compounds, a natural contour carcass and improved durability and resistance to foreign object damage. With a +21% deeper skid depth, the tire achieves more takeoffs and landings, which is important for flight-training aircraft such as the Cirrus Trac.


The tire’s exclusive manufacturing process creates built-in balance for smooth taxiing and even tire wear, helping to provide true-track taxi, takeoffs and landings for propeller-driven aircraft. Long-term ozone and UV light protections within the tire provide all-weather protection. The two wide grooves in the tire tread evacuate water efficiently and resist hydroplaning on wet runways.


“Flight training schools can experience dozens of student landings per week. The Cirrus Trac is equipped with a safe and robust tire ideal for flight training,” Robert Sevener said.


The following PILOT tire sizes and part numbers for the Cirrus SR series and Trac planes will be:


15x6.0-6/6/160   Main   025-501-0

5.00-5/6/160       Nose   025-309-0



Cirrus Aircraft’s first high-performance SR Series aircraft was delivered in 1999 and immediately transformed personal aviation with intuitive avionics, game-changing performance and revolutionary safety systems, including the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System. Over the years the Cirrus Aircraft has continued to revolutionize personal aviation, including in 2016, when the company ushered in a new era in personal transportation with the introduction of the world’s first single-engine personal jet, the Vision Jet.


Introducing the world’s first radial aircraft tire in 1981, Michelin manufactures a broad line of radial and bias-ply aircraft tires for commercial, regional, military and general-aviation aircraft. Michelin is a trusted partner for original-equipment manufacturers and equips over half of all new general-aviation aircraft.

For more information on Michelin Aircraft tires, visit Michelin Air.

For more information on Cirrus Aircraft, visit cirrusaircraft.com.

The MICHELIN Guide Netherlands 2020 goes on sale on 16 January for €23.95 in the Netherlands and Belgium and €23.27 in Luxembourg. In this new edition, you will find 699 addresses, including 120 hotels and 579 restaurants, with:


  • 111 starred restaurants
    • 2 restaurants with ***
    • 17 restaurants with **
    • 92 restaurants with * , including 8 new addresses
  • 133 Bib Gourmand restaurants, including17 new addresses

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