Pre-start forecasts offered little hope of sunshine during this year’s Wales Rally GB and, although the service park in Llandudno didn’t see much rain up until Saturday morning, it was a very different picture out in the forests where the conditions proved extremely wet and foggy, even for the second passes, while temperatures ranged from 6°C and 14°C.

This adverse weather resulted in the North Wales stages becoming coated in a treacherously slippery film of dirt which meant grip was at a premium, yet the competitive performance provided by the soft-compound LTX Force S6 enabled Michelin’s partners to push safely and provide spectators with a spectacular show.
As the rally progressed, crews were forced to manage their respective tyre allocations, and so we saw a variety of strategies being implemented, with the medium-compound MICHELIN LTX Force M6 emerging as the most frequently preferred option. It allowed the WRC runners to benefit from its outstanding versatility and efficient balance between grip, resistance to wear, sidewall strength and outright performance.

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