On November 5, the Michelin Group held an event for investors and financial analysts at its Ladoux Technology Center, near Clermont-Ferrand (France).


Attended by Jean-Dominique Senard, Chief Executive Officer, and Marc Henry, Group Chief Financial Officer, the sessions featured workshops and presentations that highlighted Michelin’s powerful capacity for innovation and its contribution to the Group’s premium positioning.


Florent Menegaux, President of the Passenger Car and Light Truck Tire Product Line and Member of the Group Executive Committee, reminded participants that the premium tire segment (17 inches and over) represents a major growth opportunity for the Group. Michelin sets the standard in this market, leveraging its technological leadership, powerful brand, relations with automobile manufacturers and integrated dealership networks while also pursuing its projects to increase production capacity, especially in emerging markets.


Terry Gettys, Executive Vice President, Research and Development and Member of the Group Executive Committee, presented the Group’s dynamic for developing innovations and bringing them to market faster. He also emphasized the role played by materials and vertical integration in establishing Michelin’s technological leadership and developing premium tires.


The Car and Light Truck Tire workshop demonstrated that the Group’s innovation process captures all of the value of tire technologies to support its commitment
to Michelin Total Performance, meaning the ability to meet every tire buyer need, rather than just those measured by the new European tire labeling system.
Thanks to new technologies developed through its in-depth understanding of tire material behavior, architecture and tread performance, Michelin is developing solutions adapted to specific market needs. An initial illustration of this strategy
is the MICHELIN Energy E-V, which is the first tire rated AA under the new labeling system to have been certified as original equipment. In addition, the new tire delivers the longevity and comfort expected of electric vehicles.


The Truck Tire workshop showed that Michelin technology is deployed in all markets to meet the needs of broad segments of trucking company customers. Leveraging technologies such as InfiniCoil and self-regenerating tread, future tire lineups will deliver significantly improved performance. Lastly, new automated production processes will be gradually extended to drive productivity gains,increase flexibility and improve quality. At the same time, these processes will be adjusted to enable the deployment of new technologies.


After demonstrating innovations that reflect its thorough understanding of the usage needs and expectations of mining customers, the Earthmover Tire workshop then presented Michelin’s powerful design, simulation and test resources, the innovative new XDR2 tire and the related production processes.


In conclusion, Jean-Dominique Senard reminded participants that Michelin’s innovation strategy is key to its development, in light of future mobility challenges in all of its markets. All Analyst and Investor Day presentations are available on the Michelin website (www.michelin.com).


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