The exploratory Matmut Connect Auto initiative, launched in 2018 to reduce road traffic accidents, will be stepped up this year. From an initial phase in which 2,000 policyholders chose to receive personalized driving advice, the experiment is being extended to include 10,000 drivers. Thanks to a brand new telematics solar box on the vehicle and a dedicated app, the experiment will observe and measure the correlation between driving scores and accident rates.

Matmut policyholders central to a road risk prevention initiative

"Making the road safer" has been the ambition of the Matmut Group and its partner Michelin since Matmut Connect Auto was launched in April 2018. As a committed player in the battle to improve road safety, the Matmut Group currently insures more than 2.8 million vehicles in France.

It therefore naturally turned to Michelin, the leader in sustainable mobility, which is playing its part in the partnership with the contribution provided by DDI (Driving Data to Intelligence). Created in 2015, DDI offering relies on capturing, processing and analysing driving data. DDI also coordinates a community of volunteer drivers committed to improving road safety: the Better Driving Community.

A second phase of the partnership to fine tune the results on a larger sample of voluntary Matmut Group policyholders, increasing from 2,000 to 10,000 drivers.*

The experience, built around DDI’s technology and expertise, relies on a connected box that captures detailed driving data and a mobile app that scores the policyholder and provides personalized advice. Three main indicators are analysed: speed, anticipation and the driver’s adaptability.

This new phase of the experiment is designed to compare the models established during the first phase against more driving situations, further improve the driving diagnosis for Matmut Group policyholders, and provide advice at the right time should driving deteriorate. The aim is to take concrete action to reduce road accidents.

To do this, the second phase, expanded to include more drivers, benefits from new solar box technology, which is easier to install and has a high degree of autonomy. Any vehicle is therefore eligible to join the experiment. Policyholders also benefit from an evolving app. Improved thanks to the lessons learned during the first phase, driving scores have been refined, simplified and made more transparent. The app's recommendations cover more contexts and driving situations and, with the development of notifications, are more personalized and engaging.

Our partnership with the Michelin Group enhances essential aspects of the Matmut Group's identity. Risk prevention is part of our value chain. In phase 2 of Matmut Connect Auto, the aim is to go even further in terms of analysing the correlation between the driving scores generated by driving behaviour, the advice given and the claims rate.
Olivier Requin, Matmut Group Executive Vice President, General Insurance
Matmut Connect Auto brings together the Michelin Group and the Matmut Group with a single mission that is central to our respective values: ensuring driver safety. In this new phase, we are strengthening our evolving and innovative partnership with Matmut. The initiative is a tremendous opportunity to advance our understanding of driving behaviour. Our goal is to reduce road risks and move towards even safer mobility.
Sophie Foucque, DDI CEO

* Participation in the trial reserved for the 10,000 registered participants with a current Matmut Group car insurance policy, within the limits and conditions set out in the General Terms and Conditions of Use.

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