While agricultural yields must be improved continuously, the number of farms is decreasing, and the distances to get to the fields are getting longer, farmers more than ever need tires suitable for mixed road/field use on their vehicles and their trailed equipment.

With the new MICHELIN TRAILXBIB tires, farmers with a fleet of vehicles and trailed machinery will benefit from a complete range specially designed for trailers, spreaders and slurry tankers.


The MICHELIN TRAILXBIB tire has three major benefits:

  • High endurance thanks to a new casing meeting the VF2 standard, for better robustness and soil protection ;
  • High level self-cleaning properties provided by a specific tread pattern, for better evacuation of mud in particular ;
  • Tire-life improvement compared to the CARGOXBIB HEAVY DUTY / HIGH FLOTATION* ranges thanks to the new design of the tread pattern including a central rib designed to ensure regular wear and road behavior.


The MICHELIN TRAILXBIB tire also incorporates the new MICHELIN ULTRAFLEX3 technology, ensuring a perfect load distribution, guarantying soil protection and excellent agricultural yields.

In addition, the compatibility of the MICHELIN TRAILXBIB range with remote inflation systems allows the farmer to easily adjust tire pressure, including trailed equipment, in real time and according to the type of soil.

"This range is the result of joint work with farmers. With a multidisciplinary team, we met our customers from several continents to listen to them and understand with precision their uses and expectations. From this co-design was born the new MICHELIN TRAILXBIB offer, including a sculpture with a specific design, and we are proud to reveal a tire that perfectly meets their needs.”
Raymond Tavernari, Agricultural Product Category Manager at Michelin.

The first two sizes, the VF 560/60 R22.5 and the VF 650/55 R26.5 are available from July. They will equip most of the towed vehicles dedicated to these uses, other dimensions will gradually complement the range.


*: Internal study comparing the MICHELIN TRAILXBIB with the MICHELIN CARGOXBIB High Flotation, in size 650/55 R26.5. Measurements made in 2019.

2: Very High Flexion (VF).

3: With a significant flexion capacity of the sidewalls, MICHELIN ULTRAFLEX allows use at low pressure. The increased footprint better distributes the load, reduces soil compaction, increases agronomic yield and economic profitability.

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