In the course of this innovative range’s development, engineers working out of Michelin’s Research and Development Centre drew inspiration from the brand’s Enduro and Down Hill mountain bike tyres.

Given that the rear tyre needs to soak up more knocks, the rear MICHELIN E-Wild is more resilient than the front, and its casing is derived from that used for Down Hill racing prototypes to maximise strength and traction performance thanks to its ability to run at low pressures.

Meanwhile, the front casing is identical to that used for Enduro tyres in order to combine the necessary robustness with excellent grip when cycling downhill.

Together, the front and rear MICHELIN E-Wild contribute to minimising the amount of energy consumed by the tyres, thereby reducing the demands made of the battery for longer rides on each charge. The design of the casings also optimises the new tyres’ weight which is equivalent to that of conventional tyres of the same size.

In addition to the work carried out on the casings, Michelin’s engineers paid careful attention to the compounds, and the latest-generation E-GumX favours outstanding transmission of pedal power to the ground via the rear wheel, while at the same time enhancing tread-block life.

The MICHELIN E-Wild’s development followed the same process as that employed for the brand’s other mountain bike tyres, with expert input provided by champions like Nicolas Vouilloz, Nicolas Quere (the 2018 French E-Bike Champion on E-Wild tyres), Rémy Absalon and Jérôme Clementz.

The French Electric Enduro Cup effectively served as an invaluable proving ground for Michelin by allowing it to put the MICHELIN E-Wild’s reliability and performance through their paces in extreme conditions. The MICHELIN E-Wild was also tested by Michelin’s competition department staff, as well as by customers who clocked up more than 1,000 hours’ riding in total. The result of this collaborative approach involving engineers, champions and customers is a tyre that not only addresses the needs of electric mountain bike users even more closely but also takes performance and strength to new levels.

The MICHELIN E-Wild Front and MICHELIN E-Wild Rear will go on public sale in March 2019 and will be available in a choice of two sizes: 27.5 x 2.6 and 27.5 x 2.8.

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