The new MICHELIN POWER Competition is to made available for sale in April 2019 after being put through its paces and approved by the French road bicycle racing team Cofidis Solutions Crédits. This tubular racing tyre is the latest addition to the MICHELIN POWER catalogue and is engineered to meet the demands of exacting cyclists thanks to its winning combination of energy efficiency, grip and strength.


The MICHELIN POWER Competition was raced throughout 2018 by pro cycling outfit Cofidis Solutions Crédits and its maiden campaign harvested 54 podium finishes in extreme conditions, including 21 victories.


This new tubular tyre combines aramid-reinforced cotton with a latex innertube for superior efficiency and strength. Its new compound is derived from the MICHELIN POWER range to deliver outstanding efficiency and grip on dry and wet roads alike, while Hi-Density Protek cross-laid strengthening provides additional protection against puncturing.


Said Cédric Vasseur (Team Manager, Cofidis Solutions Crédits): “We have worked successfully with Michelin to produce a tubular tyre that is not only energyefficient but also reliable when it comes to guarding against punctures. One of the keys to its success has been taking care with tyre pressures. The result is like riding on a cushion of air and, above all, we don’t pick up any punctures!”


Said Ulrike Ristau-Hutter (Bicycle Tyre Division Manager, Michelin): “Cofidis hit the ground running to win races from the start of last season. The riders feel safe, reassured and confident. This partnership marks our return to topflight racing and road bicycle racing’s most prominent events. We are delighted with the work we have achieved together and with all the wins we have notched up.”


Available sizes: 28’’- 23’’ mm / 28’’- 25’’ mm / 28’’- 28’’ mm

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