On May 11, 2021, Michelin presented its International Mobility Award to Tarmac Technologies** and SUN Mobility***, two startups that are contributing to the development of mobility. The Michelin International Mobility Award is given as part of the Blue Ocean Awards, of which Michelin is a major partner. Inspired by the Blue Ocean strategy concept, the Blue Ocean Awards recognize businesses that have created innovative solutions in unexplored, uncontested market space.


In presenting Tarmac Technologies and SUN Mobility with the award, Michelin has recognized two businesses with great potential to deliver innovative services that make mobility safer, more efficient, more responsible and more accessible:


- operating in Europe and the United States, Tarmac Technologies connects airport industry players (airlines, airports, subcontractors and cargo-handling companies) with a unique, easy, 100% digital solution to track and optimize aircraft ground handling operations during stopovers, with a view to reducing flight delays.


- SUN Mobility, operating in fourteen major cities in India, provides an energy infrastructure solution for electric fleets, consisting of Smart Batteries and Quick Interchange Stations, all connected together. The service is based on battery swapping technology that addresses key issues associated with electric mobility, such as costs, range, and recharging time, so to speed up access to electric mobility, in particular, in emerging countries


It is an honor for us to receive the Michelin International Mobility Award as part of the Blue Ocean Awards. At SUN Mobility, we are driven by innovation, and a relentless passion to build safe and affordable energy solutions for electric mobility. We look forward to exploring collaboration opportunities with Michelin to accelerate sustainable mobility services at a global scale”, said Chetan Maini, CEO of SUN Mobility.



“We are honored to receive this prestigious award in recognition of our efforts to optimize and transform air transportation operations. We look forward to the opportunity of working with Michelin, the world leader in mobility, to continue transforming and reinventing air transportation. Lastly, we would like to thank the organizers and judging panel of this international competition who have made it an enriching experience and enabled us to fine‑tune our strategic approach”, said Anthoine Dusselier, co-founder of Tarmac Technologies.


Thanks to this award, both startups will gain access to development programs and guidance from mobility experts at Michelin.


“As a leading mobility company, Michelin aims to continuously improve the mobility experience of its customers in an innovative, sustainable manner. Granting the Michelin Mobility Award as part of the Blue Ocean Awards is an incredible opportunity for the Group to recognize and interact with both French and international companies that are developing innovative connected mobility services. This supports the Group’s open innovation approach in line with its goal of being a data-driven company and a major player in connected mobility,” said Lorraine Frega, Executive Vice President, Distribution, Services & Solutions, Strategy, Innovation & Partnerships – Member of the Michelin Group Executive Committee

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