The Michelin Group is increasingly committed to serve agricultural professionals by supporting them to protect their soil. For each farmer, the Michelin Group now offers a customized solution for each purpose, adapted to their challenges, like agronomic yield. All of this comes together at the 2019 Agritechnica show, including the presentation of the new AgroPressure by Michelin service.


Nowadays, farmers have to determine the pressure of their tires by estimating the load of their agricultural convoy and then referring to the manufacturers’ table of recommendation. The calculation is manual and tedious and it has to be readjusted for each implement and each tractor. In addition, the farmer has no information on the compaction risk which also depends on the type and condition of the soil.

Thus, Michelin wants to provide a connected, smooth and free of charge solution so farmers can obtain the best performance from their machines, protect their soil and increase their agronomic yield. A solution which also has a positive effect on fuel costs and tire wear.


On the occasion of the show, Michelin presents its AgroPressure by Michelin decision support module in partnership with 365FARMNET and Terranimo, developed by the University of Berne (BFH). It combines the expertise of these three market players recognized for their knowledge of machines, tires and soils.


Thanks to the AgroPressure by Michelin module, available on the 365FARMNET platform, farmers can access “pressure” and “soil protection” advice through this unique interface that is personalized and synchronized with their equipment list.

This solution also takes into account the farmers' requirements to be able to manage all machines regardless of their tire brand. The module therefore integrates all main brands of agricultural tires available on the market and calculates the convoy load.

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