Back in 2013, when we decided to commit to the FIA Formula E Championship, our strategy was determined by two key guiding principles – demonstrating our commitment to the promotion of sustainable mobility and the development of tyres specifically for electric vehicles, while rising to the challenge of designing a revolutionary acing tyre for an equally revolutionary car.

Formula E has effectively provided Michelin with an opportunity to showcase solutions that we had been championing for some time in the sport, not the least of which was the use of 18-inch tyres for single-seaters, a size that facilitates the carry-over of technology from the racetrack to the street. We also took advantage of our involvement to produce a tyre that was both versatile and durable, capable of lasting an entire race day and tackling the full spectrum of possible track conditions, from dry to wet. The ‘green’ credentials of this ground-breaking, energy-efficient tyre are impressive, including the employment of fewer raw materials, the need to ship fewer tyres to races around the world and, of course, the fewer tyres to recycle. Developing tyres for the future while simultaneously reducing our environmental footprint is a challenge in which
Michelin is well-versed. For Formula E’s Season 5, we have launched the MICHELIN Pilot Sport to allow the championship’s latest-generation cars – which are more powerful than before and now incorporate batteries capable of lasting the full race distance – to perform whatever the conditions.

For us, Formula E is a laboratory for progress and technological innovation, as well as a stimulating exercise in competing in the centre of some of the world’s greatest cities and rubbing shoulders with the general public. I would like to wish all the drivers, teams, fans and spectators an excellent 2018/2019 Formula E campaign.

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