For the first time, the teams of the MICHELIN Guide have created a selection that does not cover a particular geographical area but which compiles the best addresses, already distinguished in the different editions of the Guide, offering Cantonese specialties. This 33rd edition was made possible thanks to a large international footprint - the MICHELIN Guide is present in 30 countries - and the fact that the Guide lists a large number of quality restaurants around the world.

This innovative selection, which goes beyond the territorial boundaries to focus on a particular gastronomy, lists some 291 establishments, of which 78 are starred restaurants, 62 are Bib Gourmand restaurants and 151 are restaurants awarded a MICHELIN Plate. Together, these establishments reflect the complexity and the richness of Cantonese cuisine and offer a varied selection adapted to all desires and all budgets.

These different addresses are located in 15 countries from China to the United States through Italy. Asia has the largest number of starred Cantonese restaurants with 69 establishments, while Europe has 8 and the United States 1.

This edition, in addition to paying tribute to one of the most famous Chinese cuisine that has been inspired by multiple traditions and has seduced gourmets from around the world, also illustrates the expertise of the MICHELIN inspectors and demonstrates their ability to appreciate, with universal criteria , the most varied cuisines.

This selection includes

  • 4 three-star restaurants
  • 11 two-star restaurants
  • 63 one-star restaurants
  • 62 Bib Gourmand restaurants
  • 151 MICHELIN Plate restaurants

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