From its base at Seoul Incheon Airport in South Korea, Air Premia will soon start
operating regional flights in Asia to Hanoi (Vietnam) and Tokyo (Japan), with plans
to fly intercontinental routes in the coming years. By 2024, Air Premia aims to
have a fleet of 10 Boeing 787-9 aircraft fitted exclusively with Michelin tires. The
Air Premia-operated Boeing 787-9 will be fitted with Michelin Air X tires featuring
patented Near Zero Growth (NZG) technology.

NZG technology was initially developed for Concorde, a supersonic jet, to meet its
stringent operating and safety requirements. Aircraft tires operate at very high
inflation pressures (20 bar) compared to other tires (2.5 bar for car tires), in order
to bear the full weight of the aircraft. At the high speeds required for take-off and
landing, an aircraft tire can grow due to the effect of centrifugal force. By
minimizing tire diameter growth, NZG technology makes the tires more durable
and highly resistant to damage by foreign objects.


The combination of Michelin Air X tires and NZG technology helps reduce overall
operating costs compared to standard radial tires. This is achieved by delivering a
higher number of landings (up to 30% more), improved fuel efficiency and
exceptional damage resistance. NZG technology also increases tire robustness and
reduces fuel consumption, which in turn lowers CO2 emissions.


“We are extremely honored that Air Premia has chosen Michelin as its trusted
partner to equip its entire Boeing 787-9 fleet. The MICHELIN® AIR X is particularly
well suited to new-generation aircraft. It guarantees a very high level of safety in
extreme conditions, a large number of landings and major fuel savings, which is
helping to make the world more sustainable,” said Wirat Tansuwannond, Sales &
Marketing Director for Michelin in Asia Pacific (excluding China)

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