Aware that it is everyone’s business, in 1998, Michelin created the Challenge Bibendum, renamed the Movin’On summit in 2017, which some journalists have called “Davos of sustainable mobility”. It brings together many NGOs, governments, politicians, cities, companies, and start-ups, all involved in this global fight to go from ‘ambition to action’ by co-building the mobility of tomorrow together.

Innovation for sustainable mobility has always been part of the DNA of the Michelin Group, which has always been committed to reducing the carbon footprint and the impact on the global resources of its products and services by innovating to offer sustainable solutions for tomorrow’s multimodal transport.

The invention of the radial tyre (lighter, more fuel efficient and lasting longer), the development of many generations of green tyres and most recently this year, the award presented to Agnès Poulbot, a Michelin engineer who received the 2018 European Inventor of the Year award for the self-regenerating tread pattern.

Meeting this challenge naturally means extending the life of the tyres while ensuring a high level of safety for consumers.

By saying No to the planned obsolescence of tyres, Michelin is constantly innovating with its R&D department and is increasing tyre testing to allow consumers to use their tyres as safely as possible, for as long as possible.

The Michelin Group, with its 6,000 R&D scientists and all its employees, is committed to sustainable mobility that must be safe, good for the environment, efficient and accessible.

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