• Michelin reveals an inflatable structure that provides a secure environment where medical or protective operations may be performed while controlling the purity of the air within.

  • This new product addresses the needs of emergency medical teams, armed forces, and NGOs, as well as professionals in the agrifood, aeronautics and cosmetics industries.

  • Combining the industrial savoir-faire of Michelin and the capacity for innovation of AirCaptif, the MICHELIN Inflatable Lab will be marketed under the brand MICHELIN Inflatable Solution.

Michelin extends its activities to the field of inflatable solutions with the market launch of the “MICHELIN Inflatable Lab.”


The “MICHELIN Inflatable Lab” is a nomadic inflatable structure that makes it safe to perform urgent medical procedures or to isolate patients or equipment, whether inside or outside, while maintaining control over the purity of the air within the structure.


The “MICHELIN Inflatable Lab” addresses the needs of doctors, EMTs, the armed forces, firefighters and ONGs to protect patients, medical personnel, and equipment while minimizing the risk of air contamination. It will also prove useful for the agrifood, aeronautics and cosmetics industries.


The “MICHELIN Inflatable Lab” is a cost-effective tool that adapts very quickly to the environment. Modular and reusable, it may be installed by three people in just 30 minutes. Available in a number of shapes and sizes, it is also extremely lightweight. For example, a 30 m2 structure weighs just 75 kg, compared with three tons for a solid building of the same size. Moreover, it is so compact that it may be stored for transport in two bags with a total volume of 2m3.


This innovative mobile solution offers as many possibilities for use as a solid temporary building, with incomparable flexibility, at a low price.


A new illustration of Michelin expertise in high-tech equipment

After the market launch of the MICHELIN AirProne – an innovative inflatable cushion kit designed for patients in respiratory distress during the Covid crisis –, the “MICHELIN Inflatable Lab,” a new inflatable solution application, is a further illustration of the Michelin group’s expertise in high-tech equipment.


Producing the “MICHELIN Inflatable Lab” requires the capacities for innovation and savoir-faire of the Michelin industrial teams, combined with the agility of AirCaptif, a start-up that the Group purchased in 2021 specializing in the design and manufacture of high-tech inflatable solutions. These ultra-lightweight, modular, robust solutions which address the needs of exacting clients are brought to market under the brand MICHELIN Inflatable Solution.


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