At today's Annual Meeting, Michelin's shareholders elected Wolf-Henning Scheider to the Supervisory Board and also ratified the appointment to the Supervisory Board of Jean‑Michel Severino.


Wolf-Henning Scheider has been, since 2018, Chief Executive Officer of Germany's ZF Friedrichshafen AG, a global leader in automotive, transportation and mobility technologies.

Jean-Michel Severino has been, since 2011, CEO of Investisseurs et Partenaires (I&P), a fund management team specializing in financing for African SMEs. He is Senior Independent Director and Chairman of the Governance Committee at Danone, and a director and member of the Audit Committee at Orange.


Following this Annual Shareholders Meeting, the members of the Supervisory Board met and appointed Barbara Dalibard as their new Chair.


They also decided to make some changes to the membership of the various Committees and, in particular, to appoint Delphine Roussy to the Compensation and Appointments Committee, Jean-Christophe Laourde to the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee, and Wolf-Henning Scheider to the Audit Committee.


The Supervisory Board Committees now comprise the following members:


  • Audit Committee: Patrick de La Chevardière (Chairman), Aruna Jayanthi, Monique Leroux and Wolf-Henning Scheider;


  • Compensation and Appointments Committee: Jean-Pierre Duprieu (Chairman), Anne-Sophie de La Bigne, Thierry Le Hénaff (Senior Independent Member) and Delphine Roussy;


  • Corporate Social Responsibility Committee: Monique Leroux (Chair), Anne-Sophie de La Bigne, Jean-Christophe Laourde and Jean-Michel Severino.

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