This museum has triumphed above all because the Michelin history it shares is universal. It touches each of us and is unlike any other – both a well-known chapter of France’s past and a worldwide success story. An industrial saga filled with a multitude of exhilarating episodes covering more than 130 years, while at the same time setting the stage for the future. L’Aventure Michelin is also an integral part of Clermont-Ferrand’s own history, marked by the Michelin brothers’ arrival in 1889, the development of the first removable tyre in 1891 in the courtyard of a small plant in Carmes, the organisation of the legendary Gordon-Bennett Cup in Auvergne in 1905, the first road map of the Clermont-Ferrand region in 1908, the famous housing estates that dotted the local landscape and, last but not least, the Michelin Man, named Icon of the Millennium in 2018. Not only is the Michelin Man the Group’s emblem, he contributes to the renown of the venue and of the Michelin brand itself. The Michelin brothers – pioneers with an audacious vision – consistently encouraged their company to rise to the challenges of the times. This spirit is still reflected in the Group’s strategy today. For its tenth anniversary, L’Aventure Michelin is seeking to spark visitors’ interest by adding two new features in 2019: a new film on the Michelin Man and an exploration game giving visitors a new glimpse into the tour’s design. This new, all-digital feature – inspired by the concept of escape games – will be available in different versions concocted especially for families, school groups and the like.


Because the story it tells is never-ending and the Group is constantly looking to the future, L’Aventure Michelin continues to evolve with the times. The objective is to show the general public how Michelin continues to blaze trails in the tyre industry in the 21st Century and respond to everchanging mobility needs.

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