• Concrete developments to enhance the attractiveness of the company and employee engagement
  • A broad field of action covering four key areas

On January 5, 2023, Michelin’s management and all of the representative labor organizations (CFDT, CFE-CGC, CGT and SUD), signed a new agreement for a 4-year period on quality of working life and professional gender equality.


Entitled, “People and their Working Environment”, the agreement will offer a comprehensive response to evolving employee expectations in terms of working environment and conditions throughout their time at Michelin.


The new agreement is in line with the Michelin Group’s “All Sustainable” vision and its ambition to become a global reference by 2030 in terms of employee engagement, diversity and inclusion.


With this agreement, the management and labor unions confirm that quality of working life is an important factor for employee engagement, and a prerequisite of team and individual performance.

The “People and their Working Environment” agreement covers four areas:

  1. Contributing to accelerate the ecological transition, to help make necessary changes to commuting habits;
  2. Supporting employees during the various challenges and stages of their personal lives, to help offer a greater professional and personal life balance;
  3. Promoting diversity and inclusion, to contribute to the Group’s development by fostering creativity and innovation;
  4. Creating a working environment which supports empowerment and collective intelligence.

In the agreement, this guidance is translated into two new concrete measures:

  • Encouraging the transition to more sustainable mobility, by promoting travel by public transportation and by developing car-pooling initiatives for employees’ commutes thanks to:
    • An increase in the coverage of public transport costs from 50 to 80% (with a cap of 300€ for the additional 30%),
    • The introduction of a Sustainable Mobility Flat Rate and a car-pooling platform. The system will provide free commutes of up to 800€ per year for passengers, as well as a fixed allowance for drivers.
  • Supporting employees during challenging times in their personal lives in order to:
    • Simplify existing leave of absence schemes and ease the administrative burden, to help employees with a seriously ill child or with a loved one who loses their autonomy,
    • Increase the number of days for family caregivers from 5 to 66 days per employee.

Of the other noteworthy developments, the agreement includes:

  • Increased action to promote diversity and gender equality, in particular through specific training in professions which are still prone to significant gender equality gaps (Industry and Business) and increase the proportion of women in positions of responsibility;
  • Defining new measures to support parenthood;
  • Increasing equal opportunities, with specific recruitment drives targeting refugees, the long-term unemployed and job seekers;
  • Creating a complete assistance measure for managers to ensure an inclusive framework and to promote diversity.

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