The ABB FIA Formula E Championship visited Mexico City’s Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez for the fourth year in a row on Saturday, February 16, but it was only the first appearance in the Mexican metropolis of the latest-generation MICHELIN Pilot Sport-equipped Gen2 electric single-seaters which star in the 2018/2019 series. After the extreme conditions encountered three weeks ago in Santiago, Chile, where several drivers used just one set of tyres for the day (instead of two, as permitted by the regulations) despite record ground temperatures in excess of 60°C, Michelin’s experts were confident as they switched their focus to the specific challenges of the North American fixture.


The 2.092km, 18-turn Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez features a cocktail of slow and fast portions, along with a particularly long main straight and a dusty ‘in-field’ loop through a baseball stadium which offers little grip. Although essentially a ‘permanent’ track, and therefore wide in places, it counts amongst the most difficult venues of the year for overtaking because the biggest grip level changes coincide with the places that would normally be considered the best for overtaking.

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