For the first time, this campaign will bring together both brand ambassadors, the Michelin Man and Max, urging drivers to check their vision and their tires before getting on the road again. Both groups firmly believe in the power of joint initiatives to ensure a safe mobility. This is particularly critical today, as people progressively get back on the roads again in the context of Covid19.

In the framework of their partnership announced in November 2019, Essilor, the world’s leading ophthalmic optics company, and Michelin, the global tire and sustainable mobility leader, launch their first common initiative: a common global awareness campaign for a safer mobility. This approach aims at raising awareness about the importance of good vision and tires in good condition, as populations progressively get back on the road again.


The campaign will have a global reach and will be deployed progressively in pilot countries where dedicated recommendations will be made available, encouraging the wider public to take action with eye care and tires’ professionals. The campaign will first be released through digital channels with common visuals pushed through the two groups’ social media accounts.


This awareness-raising campaign builds on the recent update of the United Nations’ (UN) recommendations to countries for enhancing national road safety systems. “Ensuring good vision for all road users” is now part of the official recommendations to achieve the UN road safety goals on a global scale. In this regard, Essilor and Michelin, both partners of FIA Action for Road Safety and the UN Road Safety Fund, are proud to work alongside and to collaborate concretely to ensure a safer mobility.

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