The serious crisis currently unfolding in Ukraine is particularly impacting Europe. Michelin is monitoring the situation at all times at the highest level of the Company and expresses its full support for the victims of this conflict. The Group is doing everything possible to support affected employees and also supports local initiatives to provide humanitarian aid to refugees.


Michelin is analyzing in real time the sanctions that the international community implemented and is already complying with those in effect.


Because of the current crisis, and like many industrial players in Europe, the Michelin Group is also facing major logistical and transportation issues in supplying its plants and delivering to customers.


To optimize operations and adapt flow management, the Group has made the decision to stop production at some of its European plants for a few days in the coming weeks. Each site will decide specific duration and implementation.


In this rapidly evolving context, Michelin will strive to limit the impact on service to our customers. At the same time, we will implement appropriate measures for employees, in accordance with local regulations.

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