The result of a partnership between Safran Landing Systems, the world leader in landing systems, and Michelin, the world leader in the mobility sector, PresSense is intended to simplify airline maintenance operations.

PresSense allows for remotely measuring aircraft tire pressures, just 45 minutes after landing. In comparison, most operators still perform these mandatory daily maintenance checks manually, using a pressure gauge positioned on the valve. However, in order to be performed in complete safety, the operation requires waiting for the tire to cool, i.e., at least 3 hours after landing.

PresSense comprises an electronic pressure measurement sensor, developed by Safran, integrated into a tire designed by Michelin. To check the tire pressures, maintenance agents simply need to place an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) reader in front of the tire. The information is read instantly on a smartphone app and sent to a database. This offers airlines the option of performing subsequent analyses, intended, for example, for predictive maintenance operations, whereas the manual pressure measurements are not kept.

By reducing the downtime of aircraft on the ground by over 2 hours every day, PresSense allows airlines to optimize the availability of their fleets and thus gain in competitive advantage. At fleet level, it also offers them the opportunity to reduce their operating costs, as the maintenance operations only take a few seconds.

PresSense has been the subject of several successful operating tests with various airlines, allowing Safran and Michelin to now offer a mature solution. Michelin has been entrusted with marketing this innovative digital solution.

It was here in Le Bourget, in 2017, that we revealed our PresSense connected tire project in partnership with Michelin. Today, we’re extremely proud to announce its first selection, by the Brazilian airline Azul. This milestone marks the completion of several years of work between our teams to refine this innovative, reliable, and high-performance solution, proven by multiple test flights. In particular, PresSense will allow our customer to optimize the downtime of its aircraft and may be used for predictive maintenance purposes.
François Bastin, Safran Landing Systems CEO
We are very honored by the trust Azul has placed in PresSense, the connected tire resulting from a partnership between Michelin and Safran. The selection of PresSense by Azul, a major player among the South American airlines, validates the relevance of our technical choices when developing this innovative technology. Azul will therefore be able to take full advantage of all the benefits linked to this solution: safety, digitization, and efficiency in its maintenance operations. A service offering that meets our customers' needs.
Sophie Brechoire, President of the Michelin Group aeronautic activities
Azul has established itself as a reference, not only in customer experience and services but also in aircraft maintenance and repairs. This expertise is shared with other companies through a different business unit, AzulTecOps. To match these high standards, we are always looking for innovations that can bring more efficiency, like PressSense and partners we can trust, such as Safran and the Michelin Group. Their unwavering dedication and commitment to excellence greatly contribute to our pursuit to be the best airline in the world.
Flávio Costa, Technical Vice President at Azul Brazilian Airlines

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