Michelin’s involvement with the Le Mans 24 Hours dates back many, many years. It’s a race we have won 27 times in total, and that includes an ongoing run of 21 victories which we are hoping to extend further this time around, in addition to topping all four classes to crown what has been a memorable ‘Super Season’ for endurance racing fans.


At Michelin, this engagement doesn’t just concern motorsport. It also drives our everyday determination to satisfy our customers.

Michelin believes that all motorists have the right to benefit from the performance of their tyres from the moment they are fitted until the very end of their working life, just as racing drivers need to have confidence in the capacity of their tyres to deliver from the start to the finish of every race.


There is no reason why ordinary motorists should not be as demanding as racing drivers, and everyone deserves to be able to have confidence in the performance of their tyres throughout the latter’s life.


This is why Michelin welcomes the recent decisions of the European Parliament which has come out in favour of reinforcing safety standards by introducing
tests involving worn tyres from 2022.


In addition to offering enhanced safety, this move has the added benefit of reducing the impact on the environment and will avoid the early replacement
of tyres which currently results in an excessive consumption of raw materials.


Just as it has always done, Michelin continues to champion long-lasting performance, for racing and road tyres alike!

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