From October 4 to 14, 2018 is held in Paris the 120th edition of the Mondial de l'Auto at the Parc des expositions de la Porte de Versailles. A show that, with more than a million visitors, remains one of the largest automotive events in the world. It is, in any case, the oldest. With a new feature this year: the great return of two-wheelers and the opening to new uses and new mobility.

Mondial Auto Paris 1898 2018

Le Bonhomme Michelin and the Paris Motor Show is a long history of loyalty, since the Group has been present there since... 1898, the first edition of the Show. An event that first took off at the Jardin des Tuileries, in the heart of Paris, before reaching the Grand Palais in 1901. It was only in 1962 that he moved to the Parc des expositions at Porte de Versailles.

Despite its moves, and the many changes in the formula, MICHELIN remains faithful to the event, of which it is the oldest exhibitor to date. This year again, as in every year, the Group will be able to present its latest innovations to the public, who have come in large numbers, in order to promote more sustainable mobility. A retrospective in ten key dates on the highlights of Michelin's presence at the Paris Motor Show.

1898: Creation of the Michelin Man and his first appearance

If babies are born in cabbages, the Michelin Man was born in a pile of tires. Normal, you think, for a car hero! In fact, its silhouette, recognizable among thousands, comes from the imagination of André and Edouard Michelin, and it became a reality under the pencil of Marius Rossillon, known as O'Galop, in 1898. The same year, Bibendum was featured in the astonishing composition entitled "Nunc est Bibendum" (from which it takes its name), and then on the MICHELIN stand at the first edition of the Paris Motor Show. Each of his appearances becomes an event and he quickly builds trust with the public. To the point of becoming a world-famous icon. Advertising genius, he pays with his own money by staging himself on all the brand's advertising media to illustrate the technical information related to the proper use of the tire. It is also the Mobility Engineer, the one who advises and guides...

120 ans Bibendum

1907: The Michelin inflator and air bottle

Launched at the 1907 Motor Show, the first inflators were small, lightweight, easy-to-use devices that required no gears, belts or chains to operate. The MICHELIN air bottle comes out the same year and also provides many services to users who can take it anywhere. Once empty, it is exchanged with all the brand's agents and resellers. At the end of the 1920s, the inflator, which had until then been a purely practical device, became a promotional object when MICHELIN designed its first electric models. Now, Bibendum straddles the compressors while blowing into an air hose, as if he were inflating the tires himself. There are two models: the one for private individuals, called "Light", which operates on 110V electricity, and the one for garage owners, called "Force", with a 380V motor.

Mondial Auto Paris 1907 2018

1912: New Michelin dismantling levers

Because tires require regular care and monitoring, MICHELIN develops a range of suitable accessories very early on. In 1912, the Group presented its new models of levers and tyre changers at the Salon. They facilitate the assembly and disassembly operations so dreaded by motorists. To show how easy it is to change a wheel with these new accessories, young people from Auvergne are doing the manipulation on the MICHELIN stand, in front of passers-by! The following year, this animation even inspired a poster designed by Poulbot: "A kid can fit any tire effortlessly!.... thanks to MICHELIN levers".

Mondial Auto Paris 1912 2018

1949: The radial tire

Thus, it was at the 1949 Motor Show that the automotive world discovered the Radial tire. This tyre marks a real technological breakthrough in terms of design, but also in terms of performance: an incredible longevity (2 to 4 times longer than a conventional tyre), more safety (road holding, grip, etc.), it also significantly reduces fuel consumption!

Affiche Mondial Auto Paris 1949 2018

1952: Michelin Man's Wedding

The 1952 Motor Show is the scene of an incredible event... Curious and onlookers will tell you that it was the MICHELIN Man's wedding, but specialists will explain in this fabulous "Marriage of steel and textiles". From this technological and revolutionary union, radial tires for all types of motor vehicles were born: cars (1949), trucks (1952), civil engineering machinery (1959), agricultural vehicles (1978), aircraft (1981) and motorcycles (1984). An event that did not go unnoticed! Once again, Michelin sets the tone with effective and simple communication: based on an example that speaks to as many people as possible, the advertising department makes the key message of a complex innovation accessible.

Mondial Paris 1949 2018

1992: The green tire

Following the 1973 oil crisis, the Group's Technology Centers are working on materials to reduce the rolling resistance of tires. In June 1990, François Michelin presented this idea to the General Meeting of Shareholders and, one year later, in July 1991, the industrialization of the new envelope began. The tire was officially presented at the Paris Motor Show the following year. It is called MXN (with N as Nature). For its design, Michelin worked closely with Rhône-Poulenc on silica, because it was precisely the introduction of this new material into the mix that made it possible to make tires more versatile and, above all, more economical. The concept of Green tire was born!

Mondial Paris 1992 2018

1994 : Michelin Alpin à lamelle Y

Launch of the MICHELIN Alpin Y-blade tire, doubling the density of the slats at the end of their life, thus improving grip on snow throughout the tire's service life. This expertise that MICHELIN continues to develop today with its 3D lamellae, the spearhead of which this year will be the all-new Alpin 6 presented at the Mondial. A tire that performs well over time and is suitable for the harshest winters.

Actu Mondial Paris 1994 2018

2001 : ViaMichelin

ViaMichelin offers digital travel assistance services, free of charge, to help users prepare their trips. The Group is currently developing this service for all its customers, both individuals and professionals. Michelin is investing in services and solutions for truck drivers, such as Road Connect and Truckfly applications (on Android and iOs). They allow lorry drivers to organise their journeys taking into account, in real time, the hazards of the journey, restrictions linked to the transport of dangerous goods, parking possibilities, etc. They also inform them of the main points of interest (POIs) along the way, as well as the nearest roadside restaurants and customer ratings.

Site en 2001

2015: MICHELIN Crossclimate, the only summer tire certified for use in winter as well

A major innovation for the European market, the first tire to be awarded the 3PMSF* label is a concrete illustration of MICHELIN Total Performance: combining more performance to meet the full range of uses. With winter certification, the MICHELIN CrossClimate tire is a fusion of previously incompatible summer and winter technologies. MICHELIN will present the latest advances in this technology at the 2018 World Cup, with the MICHELIN CrossClimate+ tire. An optimized version, which offers better traction on snow-covered ground and meets the "long-term performance" philosophy that the group is promoting today. Another variation: the MICHELIN Agilis CrossClimate tire, for vans, light commercial vehicles or motorhomes.


*A three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) : Mountain with 3 peaks and snowflake. Means that the tyre is designed for snowy road conditions and offers confirmed performance through tests.
*A three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) : Montagne à 3 pics et flocon de neige. Signifie que le pneu est prévu pour des conditions de route enneigée et qu’il offre des performances confirmées par le biais de tests.
Affiche campagne CrossClimate

2018: MICHELIN Vision concept

After unveiling it in Montreal at the Movin'On Sustainable Mobility Summit, the Mondial de l'automobile is the opportunity for MICHELIN to present the MICHELIN Vision concept to the general public.

The MICHELIN Vision Concept is both:

    1. A wheel without air designed to last as long as the vehicle, light and extremely resistant thanks to its honeycomb structure. It is made from 100% biodegradable recycled or biosourced materials and is fully recyclable.
    2. A tread pattern that can be "recharged" with a 3D printer, on demand, when it is worn or when you want to adapt it to road conditions. The material used uses cold vulcanization technology and offers the same performance as a conventional tread.
    3. A connected tire whereby the driver is informed of the wear condition and allows the reprint to be programmed, choosing the type of tread that best suits the use.
Pneus recyclés Michelin

Michelin at the 2018 Paris Motor Show

This year, you will find the Group again in Hall 1, in the same location (stand 431) as in the 2014 and 2016 editions. This year, the MICHELIN stand, covering more than 470 m², will focus on products, services and solutions for more sustainable mobility. This commitment is reflected in tire ranges that ensure long-lasting performance until the legal wear indicator is reached. With, in particular, for passenger cars: MICHELIN CrossClimate+, MICHELIN Alpin 6, or MICHELIN Primacy 4. Services and solutions: MICHELIN will present Track Connect, the first connected tire solution on the market. MICHELIN Track Connect, it is a complete offer that provides personalized advice to adjust tire pressure ! A world first for use on the circuit. Finally, after Montreal, the Mondial is an opportunity to present to the Parisian public the the MICHELIN Vision concept, the future as Michelin imagines it.

Mondial Auto Paris 2018

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