MICHELIN ACORUS: a new technology for a more flexible wheel

To make our tires more resistant and safer in the most difficult conditions, our R&D teams have developed an innovative solution: MICHELIN ACORUS technology.

Michelin Acorus Technology

Two rubber expanders are fitted to a slightly narrower tire. The Incubator program found an opportunity for this invention through a partnership with Maxion Wheels, a global wheel specialist, to create the Maxion flexible wheel.


Now, when the vehicle suffers an impact, the expander extends and safeguards both the tire and the aluminum section of the wheel. The wheel and the tire resist impact better and the risks of puncture caused by pinching the tire’s side are reduced, regardless of the vehicle’s speed. Another benefit of this technology: because it helps avoid punctures, drivers will change their tires less, which will help save raw materials.
With MICHELIN ACORUS technology, we are not reinventing the wheel but we’re definitely improving it!


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MICHELIN Safe & Drive: safety in every vehicle

To reduce car accident fatalities, the European Union has decreed that all vehicles sold after March 31, 2018 must be fitted with an emergency call system which automatically alerts the emergency services in the case of an accident. How can vehicle safety be guaranteed before that date?

Safe and drive

The MICHELIN Safe & Drive system can provide the same level of safety in all vehicles. It is an onboard device which simply plugs in to the cigarette lighter and connects to a smartphone. When Safe & Drive detects a collision, it automatically alerts the Michelin emergency call center which passes on the necessary information to the local emergency services (police, fire rescue, medical emergency).


On the road, MICHELIN Safe & Drive can also provide a range of services, for example where the nearest car park or gas station is. And for the absent-minded, they can use a service to find their car when they forget where they parked it.


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Michelin Slimline: a future concept

We ran tests to better understand how tire performance changes when tires are worn. These tests revealed that a worn tire consumes less fuel than a new tire and brakes better on dry roads. On wet roads, tire performances change very differently. Nevertheless, premium worn tires can perform just as well as new budget tires.

LLP 2017

We believe it is essential to design and offer our customers tires that perform well from the first to the last mile. In Frankfurt, we presented two ranges of tires which are the perfect embodiment of this commitment: MICHELIN Primacy 4 and MICHELIN CrossClimate +.


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The Movin'On spirit hits Frankfurt

Last June in Montreal, Michelin organized a world event dedicated to sustainable mobility: Movin’On. 

Logo Movin'On 2018 Michelin

Its objective: bring together all mobility stakeholders - businesses, scientists, start-ups, public authorities, citizens - to initiate concrete projects for future mobility. Our Group took the opportunity to present its concept for tomorrow’s tire: Vision. This revolutionary wheel is completely bio-sourced and entirely recyclable. It is airless and uses a rechargeable tread, made on demand using 3D printing. IAA visitors discovered Vision at Michelin’s booth.


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