Matthieu Bonardel

The 2019 season has just ended, with another bumper crop of new records and world championship titles.  What makes Michelin so successful?

2019 was an outstanding year across the board, in both national and international car and motorcycle racing. Michelin offers its partners and clients high-performance tires and services, so naturally the best teams choose our brand. Why are we so dominant? First, all of us at Michelin Motorsport have an insatiable drive to understand, to give our best, and to continuously improve. Our different activities and our teams also take a collaborative approach to problems, so we can confidently move in the same direction. Finally, we use cutting-edge methods for analysis, understanding, projections, modeling, and simulation, which facilitate progress.

Which of the year’s victories, records, and titles meant the most to you? Why?

Definitely Marc Marquez’s MotoGP records. He has a unique ability to surpass himself - he never gives up and keeps pushing his limits, even when he has already clinched the title. And he combines that with tremendous professionalism and stays close to his fans. I really admire his fighting spirit, which is an inspiration for all of us.

What are your challenges and objectives for the 2020 season - besides more victories, records, and titles? 

We need to continue to improve performance, of course, but still reduce on-track driving time - and that means making more progress on simulation. We have to continue to use Motorsport as a lab to test the Group’s innovations like using biosourced materials in tires and incorporating electronic data analysis sensors. So our challenge is finding a way to provide the teams with top-notch service before, during, and after each race while protecting the environment, and doing it all at an affordable cost. That's the competition of the future.

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