For its 2021 edition, the Movin'On Summit is reinventing itself! It will take place from June 1st to June 4th: 4 days of live events that will bring together the Movin'On ecosystem from Montreal, Paris and Singapore in digital as well as live.


49 hours of live programming will enable 100 speakers and as many partners present their current work and latest innovations in the field of sustainable mobility.


An unmissable event for all who are ready to commit to Sustainable Mobility, and to which Michelin is proud to take part.

Discover in video the next Movin'On Summit reinvented

with a brand new program

About Movin'On

Movin’On was created in 2017 based on a vision shared by all its members: mobility as a driving force for human evolution. A vector of progress, our society relies on mobility, which is yet another reason it must be made accessible to all. Sustainability is our only solution in the face of climate change. Driven by a firm belief that no single actor could possibly meet the challenges facing us today, Movin’On rallies corporations, startups, government bodies, academia, NGOs and international organizations.

Also visit the brand new « Movin’on » website

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