A visit to the Michelin Adventure means a journey. The experience blends the fragrance of industrial family sagas with the flavor of surprising anecdotes, a combination of French success and global reputation. Over 750,000 visitors from 96 different countries have already discovered the exhibition that traces 130 years of history.


Inaugurated in 2009, the Michelin Adventure appeals to all audiences. The staging celebrates emblematic pieces in the Michelin collection, like the first Michelin Man poster, the legendary 1900 Michelin Guide and the incredible “Millipede”, the test vehicle designed in the 1970s. As the story continues, the visitor can discover the latest innovations like the Vision concept car.


The Michelin Adventure never stops evolving. In 2019, the exploits of everyone’s friend – the Michelin Man – will be projected on a big screen in the area dedicated to advertising, to see or rediscover the key stages of his international career. An “Explore Game” will also offer a fun way to discover the site. The Michelin Adventure is also using this tenth birthday to advertise with brand new, fun and off-the-wall photos, shot by the famous photographer Dingo.


To discover the history of the site, the new elements for 2019 and to prepare your visit, go to http://laventure.michelin.com/en

The Michelin Adventure in 10 figures

  • 2,000m² of exhibition space
  • 130 years of history
  • Over 1,000 pieces from Michelin’s heritage collections
  • 1 guided tour available in 4 languages (French, English, German and Spanish)
  • 4 tourism and disability labels
  • Over 750,000 visitors since 2009 from 96 countries
  • Over 10,000 guided tours since 2009
  • Over a third of the exhibition has been changed since the opening
  • The only Michelin store open to the public in Europe
  • 5/5 score on Trip Advisor

The star photographer Dingo revisits the Michelin Adventure

For its 10th birthday, the Michelin Adventure had its portrait done by famous French photographer Dingo.


What links a young ringmaster, a civil engineering tire, a small “Millipede” DS, young scientists in shorts, the Vision concept car, a pit stop worthy of the 24 Hours of Le Mans and “L’Éclair car” from 1895?

The famous French stylist and photographer Dingo!

For the 10th birthday of the Michelin Adventure, we wanted an off-the-wall visual advertising campaign. We contacted Dingo who has been creating funny and intelligent images for over 40 years.
Arnaud Frappart, Corporate Publishing Manager and Project Manager.

For its 10th birthday, the Michelin Adventure is taking a new direction in its communication. Working with Dingo, the tourist attraction has opted for an ad campaign full of humor. His vision and flair are inimitable: off-the-wall, graphic and sophisticated styling. Moreover, his images have a unique particularity: no special effects! The scenes are created one by one and assembled in post-production. These new visuals will be seen very soon at the launch of the new campaign for the Michelin Adventure in 2019!

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