Movin’On 2021

An audience of 15,000 people
5000 active participants

Movin'On governance now shared with leaders of global companies

On June 1, at the opening of the summit, Florent Menegaux, CEO of Michelin and President of Movin'On announced changes to Movin'On's governance. « We will work together to make mobility sustainable and inclusive. This new governance is a major step in the development of Movin'On. "said F. Menegaux. Movin'On's governance now includes 10 CEOs.


Michelin presents two innovations to accelerate the development of sustainable mobility

Designed to make transportation more efficient while conserving resources, Michelin's latest solutions represent core enablers in the efforts being pursued by Movin’On and its ecosystem to foster mobility that is gentler on the planet.The two innovative solutions we are presenting at this year’s global sustainable mobility summit offer tangible, real-world proof of our determination to make mobility increasingly sustainable.

The WISAMO project, an innovative solution to help decarbonize maritime shipping: in addition to this commitment, and in line with its strategic plan, the Group is basing a portion of its growth on the development of new businesses.

A track-proven tire with 46% sustainable: Michelin is showcasing its ability to incorporate an ever-higher proportion of sustainable materials into its products without compromising on their performance. This year, Michelin announced its commitment to using 100% sustainable materials in all its tires by 2050.

The « Global Youth Challenge » to better include young people in mobility decisions

21 young people in Asia, Europe and North America were selected to participate to the « Global Youth Challenge », that was created following the results of the survey that Movin'On conducted with Kantar, on post-COVID mobility viewed by the young generation.

For 24 hours, on the sidelines of Movin'On Summit, the 21 young people took turns hackathon-style to identify concrete ideas for including their generation in mobility decisions.  The jury unanimously selected the project to create a label for cities and regions that involve young people in their mobility decisions. This label includes the creation of collaborative platforms between cities and young citizens to effectively include them in defining goals and co-constructing a 5-to-10-year mobility plan.  Florent Menegaux, President of Movin'On, did not fail to point out that “Movin'On is committed to working with its ecosystem to study the implementation of this label by bringing stakeholders together.”

Movin’On Startup Booster program

For the past few months, the Movin’On Startup Booster has welcomed 12 startups to the ecosystem. The aim of the program is to support the growth of these startups through qualified connections among Movin'On members. The 2021 edition of the Movin'On Summit was an opportunity for 12 start-ups to present their innovations to all Movin'On participants.

The Movin’On Challenge Design to make the mobility more inclusive

To make mobility more inclusive,regardless of age, disability, economic situation or geographical location: this was the objective of each project submitted to the Movin'On Challenge Design, whose theme this year was  "RESPECT: ending isolation and conquering the mobility divide".

Among the 170 projects submitted, Drew Spahn’s “Crosswing” concept took the top spot in the Movin’On Challenge Design’s 2021 global competition. The New Jersey design student created the concept Crosswing to enable people with amputations to move around cities more efficiently by giving them the ability to skate for transport or leisure. The crosswing provides the same walking assistance as a prosthetic leg but offers a riding experience that compares to a skateboard or pair of skates.


Since its creation in 2001, the Design Challenge has received more than 14,000 applications from 134 countries.

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