Piero Taramasso: “What a world-class performance!”


We beat 29 records at MotoGPTM in the 2021 season alone! How is such a feat achieved?

The key reason we won all these records, like shortest race duration and fastest race lap, is because of the tire specifications we chose at the beginning of the year. The selections were based on last season’s best performers, mainly in endurance and durability. Our partner teams also learned a lot more about the new architecture of the rear tire we introduced in 2020, which they reinforced over the winter break. Fitting the bikes based on a better understanding of how the tire works really paid off!


This season was also unique because of the variety of winners. Why do you think that is?

It's unprecedented. Indeed, there were eight different winners and no fewer than 15 riders stepped up to the podium. That’s because we chose tires suited for a wider range of riders and bikes. We were able to do that by making adjustments that allowed for three different tires for the front and three for the rear. So every rider could choose the tire that best matched their riding style and motorcycle.


What does your renewed partnership with Dorna mean for you over the next three years?

Above all, renewing our partnership with Dorna for the second time in a row since we got back from MotoGPTM is a great vote of confidence from the organizer but also indirectly from the teams. We will keep striving to live up to that trust. It also comes as recognition for our commitment to achieving the highest standard in the Grand Prix premier class and giving everyone a world-class performance.

Did you know ?





Michelin has over
460 wins and
32 world titles to its name
at MotoGP™

Michelin pays tribute to the legendary Valentino Rossi as he takes a final bow

Valentino Rossi currently holds the most titles on Michelin tires in premier class motorcycling racing, including an unbelievable five world titles, 65 victories, 124 podiums, 43 poles positions, and 55 fastest race laps.

Michelin is the official and exclusive tire supplier for MotoGPTM through 2026


As Michelin Group President Florent Menegaux points out, beyond the technological advances in tires and the long list of new records, “ Being a partner of the MotoGPTM  championship means engaging with both spectators and all players in the discipline using our tires, our brand and our innovations. We see indeed Motorsport like a lab that encourages transfers of expertise and swift application of our sustainable solutions that benefit everyone.”

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