Hélène Vermont Group Purchasing Sustainable Development Manager / Frédéric Joudrier, Group Purchasing Operations Director

Similarly, in April 2019, Michelin received a certificate of maturity for its purchasing practices in relation to the new ISO 20400 Responsible Purchasing standard. This certificate, issued by an approved external company, recognizes the Group’s practices at an evidence level.

It is therefore the efforts of the Group’s Purchasing teams and their internal partners in relation to responsible purchasing practices that have been recognized.

The ISO 20400 standard


Published in 2017, it provides organizations, regardless of size or type of business, with guidelines for integrating corporate social responsibility into their purchasing processes. It is intended for use by stakeholders involved in or impacted by purchasing decisions and processes. As a recommendatory standard, it does not involve certifications, but only maturity assessments (e.g. beginner, committed, confirmed, etc.).

The Supplier Relations and Responsible Purchasing Label


It aims to recognize French companies that have demonstrated sustainable and balanced relationships with their suppliers. It is the first label in this area to be awarded by a public authority. The label is awarded for a period of three years but is subject to annual reviews.

The Label was awarded to the Group on 17 April 2019 by a committee comprising the Companies Mediator and the French National Purchasing Council (Conseil National des Achats or CNA).

In 2017, the Supplier Relations and Responsible Purchasing Label (French abbreviation: RFAR) replaced the Responsible Supplier Relations Label (French abbreviation: RFR), which was created in 2012 and awarded to Michelin in 2014. The new RFAR label is closely linked to the ISO 20400 standard and is a continuation of the approach initiated in 2010 by the Companies Mediator and the CNA, through the creation of the Responsible Supplier Relations Charter, which Michelin signed in 2012.

The Companies Mediator is a government business support mechanism that has been created to rebalance relations between customers and suppliers. It is aimed at all economic players in both the public and private sectors. It helps them to resolve difficulties they encounter in contractual relationships or public procurement. It is also responsible for bringing about a positive and sustainable change in behavior and practices toward responsible purchasing for sustainable and balanced relations with suppliers.


The French National Purchasing Council (CNA) is an association that brings together more than 10,000 buyers and aims to promote the strategic role of buyers and professionalize the purchasing function while anticipating and identifying developments in the profession. It also makes proposals to public authorities regarding the functioning of markets and economic growth.

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