Michelin’s efforts to promote industry and its jobs aim to foster a better understanding of the issues surrounding industrial jobs, including their appeal and recruitment and training. 

Hall 32 in France: a pioneering approach

Hall 32, inaugurated in Clermont-Ferrand on September 13, is a center for the promotion of industrial careers that take a brand new approach to professional training.

This new center aims to create a truly outstanding industrial career training program. It also aims to change the public perception of industry, attract talent, and ensure a better match between skills and the company’s needs.
Isabelle Sauret, president of 2ARAMI*, the association tasked with running “Hall 32"

The center will serve 300 students doing their initial training and 1,800 continuing education trainees. Hall 32, which features a FabLab and Design Lab with equipment like 3D printers, as well as a “factory of the future” production line, also offers high-performance, innovative resources for businesses and trainers alike.

The “Michelin Technical Scholars” Program in the US

Michelin uses this program to detect future applicants whose skills and training match its hiring needs, while students in the program gain hands-on industrial experience and receive a scholarship to fund their studies.

When we started making tires in the US, we needed qualified people to guarantee the level of quality of Michelin tires, and that’s still true today. With this program, we can hire people we need and encourage empowerment and commitment on the job.
Dave Stafford, Chief Human Resources Officer, North America

A cross-border professional training program in Germany

Since 2015, Michelin has offered cross-border training programs on its Hamburg, Germany production site. Every year, for a month, young French electrical engineering and mechatronics students complete an apprenticeship that leads to a dual certification recognized in both France and Germany.

With cross-border training, we are fostering the long-term development of qualified people across borders and preventing potential future shortages of qualified personnel. It’s a win-win strategy.
Thomas Hoffmann, human resources officer at Michelin Hamburg
I am so glad I chose dual certification. Attending school in France while working in Germany was a great experience and it will lead to excellent professional opportunities in the future.
Charles Brastenhofer - Student attending the progam

They work in industry. What do they think of their job?

Did you know?

  • Michelin currently has 69,000 employees working in industry worldwide, dispatched in 170 different jobs
  • Industrial jobs are divided into 6 areas: safety, machine operations, quality, deadline compliance, cost management and personnel

A worldwide implantation close to customers


*Hall 32 is the result of a groundbreaking public-private partnership between the Banque de France, Limagrain, Michelin, Opcalia, ViaMéca and the Clermont-Ferrand Education Authority, with support from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region  and the PIA, the French National Future Investment Program.

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