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Michelin Corporate Foundation: for “People on the Move”

What do the exhibition by Chinese artist Li Kunwu, which opened on January 20th, 2018 at the Auvergne Regional Contemporary Art Foundation, the restoration of the carriages gallery at Versailles Château and RoseCar, the first carpooling system for patients and their families to facilitate home-hospital journeys, all have in common?...
1899 VS 2019

Motorsport at the forefront of sustainable mobility

On March 28th, 2018, MICHELIN celebrates five years of partnership with the ABB Formula-E championship, the first 100% electric motorsport competition. A commitment, extended through until 2021, which highlights the pioneering spirit of our Motorsport teams in terms of sustainable mobility. A look back at six key dates.
World Water Day

Water, the other major challenge of sustainable development

March 22, as it is every year, is the world’s day of water: "The Water World Day" under the auspices of the United Nations. An opportunity to reinforce Michelin Group's commitment to reduce its environmental footprint in terms of water.
Gout de France 2018

The Springtime of French gastronomy

#GoodFrance / Gout de France will be celebrating the excellence of French cuisine all around the world, on March 21st. An event that Michelin has been a part of since its creation.

High-performance tires up to the legal wear level

Tires that are as high-performing as they are efficient in terms of driving pleasure and grip, despite the miles traveled and right up to the legal wear level... Michelin has been working on this key objective since its very beginnings. Proof in ten dates.
Visual for the Geneva International Motor Show 2018

Motorsport and supercars: Michelin’s winning pair at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show

Motorsport and supercars... The high-performance cocktail MICHELIN revealed this year at the 88th Geneva Motor Show.
Visual for Ouro Verde Bahia

15th anniversary of our green gold Bahia program!

To celebrate it, an event was organized in Rio and San Paolo. The program new name and logo were also reveiled: "MICHELIN Green Gold Bahia".
Logo for OpenLab

Decarbonizing transport: Michelin gets on board!

The constraints weighing heavily on major urban environments and the climate require a complete overhaul of how we travel. Sustainable mobility solutions can only work if everyone is involved and mobilized: public and private, industrial and academic.
Picture of Renault Symbioz

Michelin partners Renault’s Symbioz concept car

  Le futur de l’automobile With the Symbioz concept car, Renault presented its vision of the future of cars in 2030. An autonomous, electric and smart future, where the line between car and living space is blurred. A concept car Michelin has been involved with from the very beginning. The...
Picture of the Retro Mobile 2018

Michelin Classic: Modern tires with a vintage look

A few hours after the close of the Rétromobile trade show (February 7–11 2018), an annual meeting at Porte de Versailles in Paris of classic car enthusiasts, we take a closer look at the Michelin Classic division. With tires that are not just safe but also historically authentic, Michelin Classic...

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