UPTIS unveiled to the public

After its presentation at the “Movin’On” summit in June, Uptis made its European debut at the Frankfurt trade show. With this revolutionary prototype, Michelin is consolidating its vision for a sustainable future.

MICHELIN attended the 2019 Climate Action Summit

Florent Menegaux,President of the Michelin Group, was invited to attend the UN Climate Action Summit 2019 which was held at United Nations headquarters in New York on September 22. It was an opportunity to reaffirm Michelin’s commitment to sustainable mobility and invite governmental and municipal representatives to join the Movin’On...

Bio-sourced materials: a new milestone!

The BioButterfly project launched by Michelin in 2012 has just achieved another milestone: the construction of France's first industrial demonstrator capable of producing butadiene from ethanol. The goal is to replace the oil-based raw materials used in the company's tires with bio-sourced molecules.

Promoting industrial jobs

Industrial jobs and the skills they require are key to the Group’s performance. That makes promoting industry and industrial careers a key concern, and one that Michelin is actively addressing. Let’s look at what that means in practice.

The development of hydrogen is accelerating

Inauguration of the first hydrogen station in the Clermont-Ferrand metropole, second station in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. A new illustration of Michelin’s commitment to accelerating sustainable mobility.

Leverage the full potential of digital technology to retain our leadership

As head of Digital Activities, Eric Chaniot is leading the Michelin Group's digital transformation. His overarching goal is to leverage the full potential of digital technology in order for Michelin to retain its leadership in sustainable mobility. Interview.

How Michelin is adapting to the boom in SUV sales?

The total worldwide sales of SUVs reached nearly 30 million in 20181. Michelin’s offering is keeping pace with this booming sector in particular thanks to its new range of MICHELIN Pilot Sport 4 SUV tires.

Formula E : a season of achievements for our tires

The MICHELIN Pilot Sport tire for fully-electric single-seaters successfully navigated the extreme conditions of the fully-electric single-seater FIA Formula E Champion-ship. Season 6 may see a major breakthrough with the first connected tires in car racing.

Michelin is taking action to biodiversity

One year after the members of EpE (1) signed the #act4nature commitments (2), what concrete steps have Michelin sites around the world taken to promote biodiversity?

We have everything to gain from increased transparency

Michelin’s consumer-centric “LONG LASTING PERFORMANCE” approach has long been at the heart of its activity. That approach has now garnered recognition from EU institutions, which have added the principle of worn tire testing to the EU regulations. To demonstrate the importance of that testing, Michelin recently held tests to measure...

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