The development of new digital business models based on data is one of the main pillars of Michelin’s digital transformation, with the aim of becoming a “data-driven company”.


By 2030, the Group aims to make between 20 and 30% of its revenue in activities other than tires

In the area of services and solutions, Michelin has two major assets: an extremely thorough understanding of uses and the Group’s wide expertise in valorizing mobility data from connected objects. Furthermore, in offering an infinite potential for innovation, in terms of safety and productivity, and of reducing environmental impacts, connected mobility meets the human, economic and environmental challenges championed by Michelin’s “All Sustainable” approach. By 2030, the Group aims to make between 20 and 30% of its revenue in activities other than tires: around and beyond tires.

The recent acquisition of RoadBotics, in particular, is a new illustration of Michelin’s ambitions around the tire, which will therefore be able to boost Michelin’s offer in the data intelligence field. RoadBotics is an American start-up specializing in the image analysis of road infrastructures, whose expertise is complementary to that of Michelin, and more precisely MICHELIN DDi in the field of driving data analysis.

How is Michelin contributing to safer, more intelligent and cleaner mobility?

About MICHELIN DDi (MICHELIN Driving Data to Intelligence)

MICHELIN DDi specializes in analyzing driving data and behaviors for solutions that contribute to safer and greener mobility. Its approach is based on three strategic pillars: improving driver behavior, road infrastructure quality and vehicle technologies.

“Unusual cornering service”

An example of the potential of data in the service of preventative road maintenance

About Watèa by Michelin


Watèa by Michelin is a tailor-made electric mobility solution for utility vehicle fleets. It supplies electric vehicles, access to a charging infrastructure and digital services, thus guaranteeing operational continuity. Costs are controlled thanks to a subscription system and a fixed, fully-inclusive monthly charge.

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