Increasing the amount of tire modeling and test simulations makes it possible to rapidly exploit high-quality data, thereby enabling manufacturers' requirements to be met in record time. This approach is also in line with the Group's "All Sustainable" approach. Fewer tires produced, fewer tires and less equipment and other resources moved for real-world testing, and ultimately fewer used test tires to recycle: the environmental benefits are significant.

We've significantly reduced the amount of on-track validation and we've cut development time in half. This also enters into the spirit of sustainable competition!
Matthieu Bonardel, Director of Michelin Motorsport

From ACO to CAD*

November 2019: The Automobile Club de l'Ouest (ACO) chooses Michelin as the official tire supplier for the new Le Mans Hypercar (LMH) category, which is set to join the FIA-WEC World Endurance Championship in 2021. Michelin has to deal with a host of new constraints and parameters, including completely revised technical regulations and new car characteristics (weight, power, dynamic support, etc.), in order to meet the specific requirements of the new class in a very short timeframe. Michelin Motorsport's engineers therefore draw on the Group's development and simulation capabilities to carry out purely virtual development work.


*Computer Assisted Design


From ACO to CAD*

The dimensions, as well as the materials chosen for the new MICHELIN Pilot Sport tires, were based on the regulations and the technical data provided by the manufacturers. The tire was modeled in February 2020 and numerous static and dynamic tests were then performed at the Ladoux Technology Center in Clermont-Ferrand before the tires were finally authorized to run on a real track.

Behind the scenes of the development of MICHELIN Pilot Sport tires

From virtual to the reality

First track run 

The road to Le Mans 2021

Competition as an innovation lab

Michelin's commitment to competition goes far beyond racing success. Like a lab that incubates and develops new solutions, competition encourages the transfer of expertise and the rapid application of sustainable solutions for the benefit of all. The World Endurance Championship is a great opportunity to test formulations aimed at improving the longevity and preservation of key tire performance as they wear. Each of the key tire criteria is examined under extreme conditions. The data thus acquired is then passed on to the Group's R&D laboratories. This is how Michelin builds the technological bridge between racing and production, from the track to the road.




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