It is inspired by nature, made from recycled and bio-sourced materials, from tires and poudrette or household waste such as tin cans, soda cans or vegetable peelings. The Vision tire is a virtuous circle in and of itself and a model of the circular economy of tomorrow.

The Vision concept tire combines three types of innovations:

  1. An airless wheel/tire designed to last as long as the vehicle itself, and which is extremely light and strong thanks to its honeycomb structure. It is made from recycled or 100% biodegradable bio-sourced materials and is fully recyclable.
  2. A special regenerable tread which can be “replenished" as required using a 3D printer when it is worn or needs to be adapted to road conditions. The materials used (cold vulcanization technology) offer the same performance as conventional treads.
  3. A connected tire that informs drivers of tread wear and can schedule re-treading, choosing the type of tread that best suits their driving style and type of use.

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